Wednesday, December 30, 2009


While some dreams come true, the rest choose to wait for a while

It's been a good year, alhamdulillah..

Written almost a year ago

It's time to list down about 2009...

1. I'm planning to join my family for umrah this coming March. Hopefully by then i'll be in either paeds or ortho so that 14 days break (including weekend) wouldn't be an issue.

2009: Alhamdulillah, Allah granted my wish and welcomed me to HIS place. I had my best 2 weeks there. solitude and serene. I remembered one day after performing tawaf, i prayed behind Maqam Ibrahim. Instead of the usual doa asking for things, i started to say my thank..tears overflowed when i realised how much Allah has blessed me through my life...i thanked Him for the loving family with unconditional love, i thanked HIM for the job that allows me to stay humble and made a difference in people's lives, i thanked HIM for friends that stick around and guide me, i thanked HIM for the faith that keeps me going stronger after each trial, i thanked HIM for the love and blessing that HE showed in every other was endless.

That morning i felt complete. That morning i could not ask for more. That morning i was ashamed for being ungrateful at times for He has given more than i deserved.

Aim: insya Allah will be going back again this May

2. I'm buying a new laptop. The old one's still in good shape but i think i wanna have a smaller one for travelling (EXCUSE! EXCUSE! EXCUSE!) I think i can reward myself with that once i'm done with O&G...lalalala

2009: i got it right with my White AcerOne. i love its 6 hours battery durability and the size that fits well into my bag for travelling.

Aim: i think a flat screen desktop would be nice, but that one has to wait till i got a house for myself.

3. It's time to settle down with a marriage=)

2009: I am still single to date but if i look back, Allah granted my other wish. I met my dream guy and no, it's not the typical tall-dark-handsome with smooth talk. What made him special was the little things. It was the way he respected me and other people around him. the way he appreciate life and his loved ones. the way i can be a little girl whenever he's around. the way our impromptu meet-up had always been beautiful. the way he took care of my bad habit. the way he understood me without telling.the way we shared so many common interest.

So why i am still not settled? only Allah knows. even so, i am eternally grateful for the good 4 months i had with my favourite man. Allah has showed me His love through him.

Aim: Ya Allah, kurniakanku seorang jodoh yang terbaik buat diriku, yang dapat membimbingku ke jalanMu, yang dapat mengasihiku keranaMu.

Seandainya dia tercipta buat diriku, bukakanlah pintu hati kami berdua, tautkanlah ikatan hati hati, permudahkanlah urusan kami dah peliharalah kami dari maksiat. Seandainya dia bukan untukku, tutupkanlah pintu hatiku kepadanya, luputkanlah dia dari ingatanku dan jauhi aku dari kesedihan dan kekecewaan.

4. I'm going travelling with my girlfriends (whichever clique it might be). It's so much better to shop and pamper myself with my hardly-earned money...

2009: I didnt get to travel with my besties per say but had wonderful memories nonetheless. We went to watch legendary PGL theatre, we stayed overnight and the beautiful Villa Danilla and we enjoyed a few shopping trip. And yes, the glittery glamorous nite of SSP9599 was one memorable event.

Aim: trip to Europe, karaoke session, shows at Istana Budaya, overnight stay at fancy hotel and more shopping trips..

5. I'm going to finish up reading all the books i bought earlier last year and polish up my average English.

2009: I got to catch up with my reading. Currently reading La Tahzan and Devils Wear Prada. In between those two, i finished up Remember me. My favourite pick will be The Last Lecture and Life Is An Open Secret.

Aim: read the shophaholic series and stock up more books from MPH online.

6. Addition to my collection of clothes, bags, watches, perfumes and shoes....

2009: Ahaaa, this one goes without saying..perfectly achieved

Aim: ey, should i say more? ;P

7. Make more money and share it with others...

2009: All thanks to Herbalife. Many started to understand about the good nutrition and choose to change their life using it.

Aim: montly trip to KL to monitor the wellness of my client. Now that i've got the scale that can highlight our body fat/water percentage/metabolic age(!!!)/bone mass, it'll be easier to plan for better habit.


I wish for myself, better patience and more gratitude.

I wish for myself, endless happiness and blessing.

I wish for myself, guidance from the Up Above

Happy 17th birthday;)

Saturday, December 26, 2009


My facebook update's written as

'has been blessed with so many great news and sweet little good time with the loved ones..looking forward for more..Alhamdulillah'

It was a perfect lunch by the beach with my favourite man.

The three stooges re-united

I'll be off to KL on the 29th for double celebration (the perks of being end of year's baby)..

Dinner on the 2nd will be next in line..

Monday, December 21, 2009


" When the morning comes upon you, then do not expect the evening, and when you see the night, do not expect to see the morning"

So many soothing words in La Tahzan, i feel like quoting each and everyone. I need to slow down reading it, otherwise i'll finish it sooner than i's like savouring my favourite meal..i want the taste to last longer..

That's gonna be my next hobby..instead of recipes collection (hihihi, i think i give up on many recipes that left un-attempted) i'll do words collection...i have a lot from my emails and several instead of browsing through the long list of emails or searching cover to cover for words of comfort, i shall reach out for the pink notes..

Ah, here's one that i receive today

"When driving down the road of life, rarely do you know how good you have it, until you see it in the rear-view mirror.

Which is not to suggest that you should look back now, but to remind you that where you are today is more awesome and amazing than you probably realize."

But of course, none of these would match the Tafseer Al Quran=)

That reminds me of my next purchase of book once i reach MPH soon..

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Peace of Mind

All praise to Allah for the patience and strength.

I was all good again.

I am currently reading La Tahzan . So many beautiful words, food for the soul..

It was an impromptu plan to go for an overnight at Villa Danialla, Tok Bali on my day off after a night call. I was exhausted and hungry but excited all the same. We took a few wrong turns but alas, managed to find the place. We unpacked home-cooked lunch and enjoy sea breeze afterwards.. had a quick trip to the nearest night market before calling the day off ...

started off the next day with a quick jogging and enjoyed breakfast by the beach..took some time to laze around at the gazebo and dozed off..around 11am, i'm on the road again as my evening shift started at was a perfect retreat and i am looking forward for the next!

Monday, December 14, 2009


Have you experienced suicidal experience?

I had, yesterday.

My very first (and will be the last!) short journey of feeling a total worthlessness and bleak.

It's not exactly like i am planning to end my life but it's more of a lingering thought as sobbed

'If i died, will i be missed? does it even matter to anyone?

That's the price to pay for suppresing and bottling up almost everything. I reached my breaking point at the smallest issue. I know i am not a good do-er and heaven is not promised but i also cannot cope. Thus the thought of leaving everything behind and forget.

I'm now suffering splitting headache with sore eyes.

Never proud of this but i guess it's ok to admit. perhaps after so many years and when i decided to open up this page again, i would knock my head for being so silly.

So it's high time for a revision of life to bring myself closer to Allah.

I shall recite Quran and Tafseer more. I shall pray harder. I shall write and talk to Him more. I shall seek out his guidance and blessings in every step of my life.

There said.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I misplaced my HTC charger so i need to get a replacement as i'm planning to use it for my mobile pda..i have so many things in mind to remember

I'm still contemplating whether i shuld get Celcom prepaid because i dont feel like having 2 phone lines but at the same time, Maxis coverage in emergency department is almost non-existent. Now that i dont have to worry about staff nurse's annoying calls in the middle of the night, i kinda missed my listening to my ringtones ;p (but i must bear in mind, i am most likely unable to pick up the calls anyway)...but considering any emergency,i think i might as well get one..

I realised the reason of my rare updates is because i'm only connected to internet when i'm at my parents' home. By then, i will spend hours on blog-hopping and reading Facebook's update. The rest will be either in front of the television or spending time with my mother or reading storybook. I need to update more to keep my brain going ( and of course, to let things out a bit). I need more time to go online for my business purpose and leisure reading. Also it will come handy when i'm travelling.

I think that justifies my decision to get myself Celcom broadband soon.

I have so many things to jot down but that have to wait..hopefully i'll get weekend off again')

Saturday, December 5, 2009

My 10 list

I have good reasons for this wishlist

It's my birthday coming up soon

It's christmas season

and it's year-end-sale!!

I'm drooliiinngggg just at the thought of it....please, someone bring me to the restaurant...somewhere near sunway pyramid kan??

After receiving my first wishlist of Tanita Body Composition Analysis, i'm determined to upgrade my metabolic rate and cut down the body fat so this is the fun way to do i'm in dire need for high ENDORPHINS rush. feel young, look young!

It was a few months' ago since my last spa session so i'm due for one...some 'me' time and i'm happy to get going again.. everybody loves being pampered

I know this is really last year's season but i care less. I have no time to try this everytime i'm in KL and i would looovveeee to dip my feet in it next time i have the chance..Promise, i wont turn ppl deaf while i'm doing it!

It took me almost a year to finish up body scrub i bought in bandung. I love the feeling after, so smooth so refreshing..I've tried orange flavour so i'd go for something sweet this time

Yes, i still have my seasoned digital camera in good condition but it's a bit bulky for travelling (and looked oudated,hahaha!) but more importantly, i lost the adaptor and charger...instead of finding replacement, might as well buy a new one kan? i can still use the old one for any outdoor activities (and borrow my brother's adaptor to transfer the pictures into laptop) but this one will re-invite the excitement of capturing the moments..

I bought my first statement tees when i was in KL last time and have yet to wear it..i know Padini and Giordano have some cheeky ones to my liking..its like an instant booster for me to look at these words..

2 years-record proved that i will be out of town every month so this one will come handy..i usually travel light because i've left my stuff in KL for daily use but what if i'm coming back after shopping spree? Also what if i'm going elsewhere? hehe...

Fossil's been my fave and i'm now looking out for square-shaped watch...never quite managed to find the RIGHT one so far..

I gor for practicality at work...plain or abstract would be my preferred choice...

Yeay, now i can sleep in peace


Without going into the details, i'm asking for a favour- please, please pray for me...

Pray that Allah will lead me to the right way...

Pray that Allah will show me some guidance...

Pray that Allah bless me with patience and strength..

Thank you=)

p/s...I'm in the middle of making a good list..coming right up

Saturday, November 21, 2009


I have been consuming Herbalife since early 2007 until now. Within the same period of time, i also shared my great experience and helped so many people who are facing problem with their weight and health.

But never once i have the chance to attend formal Herbalife seminar due to work commitment. I only relied on my personal experience and reading through online website. So imagine my excitement to be able to attend Herbalife Opportunity Meeting in KB last friday.

To my suprise, i had my senior(in SSP)'s husband as the organizer. They both consumed Herbalife and benefited through it.

Let me share with you some of the real- life testimonies i witness during the event

1. My senior herself was married for 3 years and went through a lot to get pregnant. She decided to improve her nutrition with Herbalife and alhamdulillah, is now a mother to a 3 year old son. So she continued with Herbalife for post-pregnancy weight loss programe and managed to shed back to her pre-pregnancy shape.

2. Her husband used to have waisline of 36' and now proudly of 31'.

3. Couple of UIA students who suffered from different illnesses-eczema, asthma, migraine, gastritis and shared the common problem of lacking energy/sleepiness in class. They actually took up Herbalife to improve their health and energy level and were very happy with the results.

4. The guest speaker was a mother of 5 children who had been trying very hard to lose weight. She managed to shed off 10kg in 10 weeks and definitely looked much younger than her actual age. She even shared her little experiment with us: stopped consuming Herbalife for 7 months expecting some yo-yo weight but that never happened. Her weight remained the same throughout the Herbalife-free period.

5. A young mother who consumed Herbalife throughout her pregnancy and to date has lost a whooping 20kg.

6. An old man walked up the stage and let us know that his age was 78 years old and Herbalife helped him a lot dealing with osteoarthritis of knee (sakit lutut org tua-tua) and happily ambulating now.

7. A gentleman who was very skinny and underweight used Herbalife to build some muscle and improve on his energy. He went from 50kg to 58kg.

8. Another gentleman who used to weigh more than 100kg managed to shed off his weight and suffered less of gout. Now he looked very built and younger than his age.

9. A few others who suffered from diabetes, hypertension and other chronic illness who experienced great improvement in their health

As for my personal record as Herbalife wellness coach, i helped my sister to shed off her weight from 87kg to 68kg (that's 19kg!) and a gentleman who used to weight 106kg to 86kg ( and i believe has lost more since i last heard from him).

Alhamdulillah, i am very pleased.

I believe there are people surrounding us who suffered from either of above problem so let me help. My simple faith is that no matter who and what we are doing in life, our body need the best NUTRITION to function. I can always personalised your programe based on your health issue and budget.

All it take is the first decision towards longevity!

Saturday, November 14, 2009


i missed u very much.


i missed u very very very much.

but this time, i will not do anything...maybe it's the best for us...

i will keep this deep inside and whenever u pop out in my mind, i will only remember our good time.

miss u, my favourite man.


This is, when i am not seeing patients..

Looking forward to more of this

Monday, November 9, 2009


I LOVE MY LITTLE DRESS (though it's not gonna be in facebook's collection..LOL)




I LOVE THE SENTIMENTAL BACKGROUND MUSIC( I hear you people calling out my name when it was Kuch Kuch Hota Hai..thank u very much:p)


I'm not gonna do any justice to the event even with thousands of words written here. It was a perfect night although i wish we could've stretched it out till the next morning.. I knew from past experience that with reunion, we will never be able to talk to everyone within that limited time (ok, blame the rojak that kept me glued to the table..) but i am happy that i still managed to sit down with a few people and had little chat. Yes Ecah, i was excited to meet up with you again after alllll theeeeessssseeeeee yyyyeaaarrrssss!
And to some of us, we left Room 920 with some hilarious inside jokes...
So i shall leave you girls with Thank You Notes from our Headgirl...
To all who attended the dinner – you guys rock! Hope you had fun, hope you guys enjoyed the food and door gifts. Thank you for all the laughter, smiles and love. I wished we had all night to talk and laugh. Thank you for being so fabulous and glamorous and glittery. Special shout out to Kak Anie for her awesome bling-bling belt (RM 1.30 per stone), and to Syu and Yatt Ye for… well, you guys know why! Hahaha…To Nazihah, who dropped by at the start of dinner to say ‘hi’ on her way to another commitment just because she knew most of us were going to be there – we are touched :)
To those who can’t come – we dearly miss you. Appreciate the thoughts and support you sent through. Really wish you girls were here. Your pictures on the slideshow (which I mostly copied from your FB, hope that’s okay, heh) was really a hit, especially the wedding and babies’ pictures – everyone went ahhh and ohhh and wow (Ude, semua kagum dengan gambar ko berpakaian askar). Pictures will be sent on a CD to those who attended, and those who are interested to get the door gifts, we will advertise on that soon.
To award winners, Syu the ‘We Can’t Believe It’s You!’ winner; Ya the ‘Most Eligible Babe’; Ana Ono the ‘Hot Mama’ and Kak Anie, the ‘Diva of the Night’, hope you guys enjoy the awards! Syu and Kak Anie, may you guys enjoyed the dinner bags. Ana, happy shopping with the voucher and Ya, hope you have fun at the movie with someone special (there’s a reson why there are two movie tickets there, hahaha). The award ribbons were hand-made with love tau……..
To the lucky draw winners – Erynn, Yatt Ye, Melati, Farina (and almost winner, Ya) and Elly – enjoy your gifts as well.
To all sponsors, who shall remain nameless, of the cookies, the chocolates, the Crabtree & Evelyn set, the thumb drives, the iPod shuffle, and the money – thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you. All, please pray for the health and wealth of our donors: may they find more happiness for the happiness they provided for us, and may they find more ‘rezeki’ for the rezeki that they provided to us that night.To everyone who helped preparing for the night, thank you a bunch for all the help. Much appreciated.
To the superwomen:Ya, Liyana, Peon, Farina, Hana, Tote, Syu, Wan Sue and anyone who helped big and small ~for the fabulous job you guys did, I can’t thank you enough. May God bless you for all the work, time spent, money invested, energy given – the night won’t be a reality without your commitment. It was a pleasure working (more like having fun with you guys though!) with all of you. You girls simply rock!!!Let’s keep in touch, see each other more and here’s to another great reunion five and ten years down the road! (Any takers to organize the 15th and 20th anniversaries reunion? Application starts now!!!!
p/s...nak tunggu kahwen dulu baru pakai balik dress tuh....kahkahkah!

Saturday, October 31, 2009



I find it a lot easier to read from one blog to another than updating mine... It's either too much to keep as secret or it's all the same old routine...

So here i am, forcing myself to let it out a bit.

I would have been all jumpy and excited for the coming Glitz' Night if not for these two things that'll happen beforehand

Monday: VIVA assessment

Wednesday: CME presentation..

Although this isnt the first time for the past 2 years, but for some reason i find orthopaedic is asking a bit too much of me thus creating unnecessary anxiety. These surgeons intimidate me with this meticulous and very technical way of explaining things. The frustration over being taken for granted shall not be elaborated here.

I do not aim high, i am happy to be (at least a little bit above) average. It's a valid feeling when you're surrounded by negative environment and you just wanna prove urself something.

Only after i'm done with these two, i will be able to

-Find glittery legging and bling bling accesories

-Trim my hair

-Play with make up

Come Thursday quick!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Little happiness

1. After 7 years, i reunited with my lovely Peah. We spent 6 hours strolling down the mall with what we did best: talking and shopping. Ohh, i so lovee my little dress for the coming SSP9599 dinner.. i'll see u in UK next year insya Allah.

2. Family gathering went well in Ipoh. We crash landing at our aunt's crib and had fun: BBQ and trip to the Lost World of Tambun.. but for the guys, they definitely enjoys Jirami the most...

3. They say love is about giving, so i started with Al-Fatihah after each prayer to the future partner. That's actually a tip given by my good fren and i find it comforting.

4. I'm submitting my name for Beijing's trip in December, insya Allah.

5. There will be another family trip to Bandung in January next year..i secretly wish i will have a good news by then so that i can do massive shopping . ngeh!

I know, it took me a almost a month to came out of this un-planned hiatus. Everytime i sat down with my laptop, i took my own sweet time to blog-hop and stuff so by the time i thought i should be updating this space, i gave up.

But a short entry of happiness is a lot better than endless writing of grumbles, i think=)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Shout Out!

I think my response to all the comment deserve a special entry

Hafizah: hehehe, i'm still waiting for the drugs..would it be easier with the gas in ur hand? ah yes, i love all my baju raya's...and for the marathon round the hospital, i'll pass:p

Z: hehe, those're the easiest bit from the list...haven't got the chance to oggle on the cuties though...

Farina: dugong session post-reunion sounds like a plan...yeay yeay!!

Ambol: oiits, aku nak bunk in ur room on that night lah kalu camtuh.


1. Open house at Tmn Uda Murni on 10.10.09. Any idea for theme and menu?

2.I'll be in KL on 15th Oct to meet up with Peah..havent decide either to proceed with family excursion to Pangkor or just stay in town till end of the weekend..if i do, need a movie partner cos no shopping for me this time!

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Salam Aidilfitri to all readers..
Setulus ikhlas memohon maaf atas segala salah dan silap atau terkasar bahasa
Terima kasih atas segalanya..
Azam baru?
Ingin menjadi org yang paling sabar dan sentiasa memaafkan.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Incoherent Part III

I've lost more than 3kg since Day 1 of puasa.

Everytime i promised myself to reply the MonashClan group email, i never did. One or two has been asking my whereabout rhetorically.They actually played a major role for my happy doses back in those days. I never missed reading the snailmail but when it's time to update about myself, i dont know where to start.Perhaps the experience of being a chronic houseman that demand me to act a litle less than junior MO itself with the same old pay will do. should i also mention the perks of doing less calls due to the policy? It's not influx, genius. It's retention.


I'm afraid to see Ramadhan comes to the end. All this while, i have been using it as the main strength to fight and the best tool to fill in the silence. Funny how i share the same sentiment with a few others.It's nothing new to realise how Ramadhan has always been a trial period for me, but at the same time i also appreciate my renewed bonding with my Creator. I was told that it's all in the mind and i can always be strong despite any named month.


It's not that i am not excited to enjoy the full house and wear my 4 pieces of baju raya matched with 3 pairs of kasut raya completed by the new handbag.Yes,i still have my childhood spirit when it comes to that.


Let's do some wild experiment. Here's my brain on the dissecting table. Doesnt it looked a little bit crowded to you? Here's the scapel.Now i want you to remove the big chunk of what's labeled as memory so that i can have more space for the future wishes junky.


Picnic at waterfall sounds like a plan now. The last time we had it was a few years back during my summer break. There's some jingling feeling associated with what we called as dugong session...Dont worry, there's no way we would call ourselves duyong for some eye-rolling expression..hehehe


Miss Mehran gave me a list of Feel-Good-Moment hence my daily status in FB. Speaking of FB, i still cannot understand why stranger would make an effort to add me up in his/her list. It's not that ur interested to be my fren anyway. Ok, i am biased cos i would absent-mindedly approve any request from female and leave her at peace but as for the other species, i make sure i checked out the profile to confirm he's alien to me and rejected the request. Ok, back to the list. Some are as easy as wearing new clothes/shoes/bag but top in the list is indeed

'lari keliling hospital'.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Incoherent Part II

I imagine myself in KL. Clad in my casual attire, enjoying breakfast at mamak...driving myself to the shopping mall...lost myself in the crowd....and feel good.

I imagine myself having gala time with my fellow girls at the waterfall..Farina, will the day after reunion be a good timing for our dugong session? unless if i go earlier in October..

When "bad" things happen to "good" people, it's often because they want to become even better teachers, guides, and helpers to those precious souls who will one day need them to be their rock.
Plus, today's bad is always tomorrow's boon, no matter who you are, no matter what has happened, and no matter how weak the coffee was.


I have been having mixed conversation in my head lately. It's like two different personality is trying to tell me what should i say and think. That's why you would see me in two different mood in a split second. I tried to let the fairy personality take charge of me but sometimes the evil one managed to abduct my mind.

I hope it's not a losing battle.

It doesn't matter that the road's been rough, that you now have challenges, or that uncertainties loom on the horizon.

None of these change the fact that for every thought you think today, worlds will come tumbling into existence. For every word you speak, legions will be called into action. And for every step you take, matter will be drawn from the ether.
After almost 6 months has passed, i realise that i am now at peace with the past. Whatever being 'shouted' to my face no longer bother me. I'm glad i have outgrown that childish episode in my life. I also see no harm for a new start but i dont think it will ever happen, anyway. So, i'll just leave it at that but with a better tone.

That's what forgive and forget really means, isnt it?

Living the life of your dreams is a lot like sailing.

You pick your destination, hoist up your sail, make minor adjustments while the journey is underway, and let the wind do all the hard work.

In other words, imagine the end result, do what little you can, make minor adjustments while the journey is underway, and let me blow your mind.


Monday, September 7, 2009


I find myself writing a lot less in here.

Maybe i find it much easier to keep everything inside than go all expressive in public.

Maybe i'm afraid i would sound emotional when i want people to see me strong and calm.

Maybe i believe that the less i say it out, the less painful it will be...

I find i a lot easier to have conversation in my head or share it with God.


To fill in my absence, i'd like to usher u girls to my sister's blog .I find myself giggling a lot while reading her musing, perhaps because i could actually relate to most of the situation. I know she hates the fact that people often mistaken her as my elder sister but she sometines does act like one... but most of the time, she'll be the one who takes up my order and endure my nag.

Yes, i am the evil between the three.


This conversation took place shortly after the father met my partner-in-crime and i at our friend's house. His son is our gay partner in the clan, which simply means incest if we end up marrying each other...

Father: patutla abang takde risau pun pasal nak kahwin...tak rasa nak kahwin.

Son: kenapa?

Father: dok berkawan dengan diorang tuh...perangai macam budak-budak...yang dua orang tuh tak boleh berenti bercakap ke?


oh my god...


I dont think we're that childish *denial denial*

ahh, speaking of denial..i actually have a patient back in paediatric ward who was named as




After another round of cleaning the wardrobe, i made the usual pact not to do any clothes' shopping and the dateline this time would be until i finish my internship which will be later in April.

Shortly after the vow, i paid my first visit to the newly opened Parkson and regretted myself to death.

Err, can i take back my words??

*pussy-cat eyes*


As i have to take my mind off retail therapy, i need an excursion. Sabah is now off the list because i missed the best deal already.

I dont think Kl will be a wise decision because experience tells everything. Besides, nobody should see me doing helicopter stunt in the middle of the shopping mall as i try to control myself from splurging money.

I would love to go to an island but my partner in crime cannot be nowhere near the sea.

I'm having Lumut, Bukit Merah or Janda Baik for my family's excursion next month... Any better option?


I'll try to stick to one particular topic when i type next time..


Saturday, August 29, 2009




I first started with Herbalife in early 2007. Within 3 months of healthier eating habit, i accomplished my targets

- LOSE 7kg

- LOSE 20cm in total

- Size for my tops changed from XL/L to M/S

- Size for my pants shrink for 32 to 28

That's a very big accomplishment for a girl who has TRIED to lose weight since 15 years old..

So here i am ready for another challenge.. Alhamdulillah, the weight has remained almost the same (if not a bit more) and i am of the same size as 2 years ago. The new targets is more of wellness evaluation rather than weight and inches...

These are the figures when i first started in early August

Body fat: 28 (Normal 22-25)

Water content: 52 (Normal 55)

Bone Mass: 2.3 (Normal 2.4)

Basal Metabolic Rate: 1230 (Normal 1300)

Metabolic age: 27

*Pant's size: 28

*Hip: 92cm

*Thigh: 55cm

So i'll see myself in October with these new figure

Body fat: 22

Water content: 55

Bone mass:2.4

Basal Metabolic Rate: >1300

Metabolic age: 18 year old

*Pant's size: 27


Wish me all the very best!!

Friday, August 21, 2009


I just realised i never put up any picture in this blog unlike the previous i hope this BBQ event will do...hopefully more to come in the future...

Mustard-honey and black pepper

Bracesku sayang...

Tak sabar...

Huh, bile aku bleh makan plak nih??

Keep ur distance, buddy!

Oh, testing one two three!

Good clan

Takpe2, kitorang tak tahu.....;)

Thanks for coming...

Nak amik sume bleh??

Partner in Crime!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009



Nak cerita ape ye?

Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah...itu yang aku cepat2 hiaskan di bibir setiap kali rasa sedih atau resah..sebabnye aku nak ingatkan diri segala nikmat2 lain yang Allah dah berikan padaku sepanjang hidup ini...Alhamdulillah, rasa hati kembali tenang sedikit..paling tidak, aku tahu Allah masih sayang pada aku..

Peah pesan, kadang-kadang Allah tak beri ape yang kita mahu sebab Allah suka mendengar kita meminta padaNya..comel kan? kalau semua benda yang kita nak kita dapat, takut nanti makin jauh dari Allah..

Nak dengar cerita lain?

Tahun 1999, di kala ramai sangat kawan2 yang dapat tawaran further study di matriks or some other private university...i did not get any and had to wait for my SPM result at home..i was devastated and kinda lost because i thought i must've done bad in my SPM. Allah Maha Besar, the result came out beyond my expectation and received numerous good offers after that.

See, Allah always save the best for the last...

Paling penting, aku tak hidup in regret..

Ramadhan hadir tepat pada masanya. insya Allah, aku ada beberapa janji pada Allah untuk bulan yang mulia nih.

Ada Allah, ada family..aku ok.

Friday, August 14, 2009


I have less than 30 minutes here..

Rasa unsettled. Something at the back of my head. I have been thinking of it for more than a week, cried once for it became unbearable. I have a few options and i want to do it wisely this time.

My sister praised me for being strong and keep calm. I'm glad i presented myself that way to others. I told her, i would always share happy news but rather keep it to myself the sad ones.

Look, i have been given 4 best months in my life and now i am not sure what is next..i can be all gloomy for things have changed and i may have to move on but i want to be different..

I want to be the one who is grateful for the last 4 month's good memories. I want to be able to reminisce every single events that we shared and still smile in comfort. I want to be able to hold my hope high for something better...

If you see me next time,

I may be a little quiet..I may isolate myself from the crowd...I may be lost in my own thought..

But dont worry. I am here to stride.

Monday, July 27, 2009


Someone was doing her daily chanting in the car....

"Nak kawen dengan orang kaya!"


"Ko nak kawen dengan sape yatt?"

"Nak kawen dengan orang yang sayang aku"

"Aku dah agak tuh mesti jawapan ko...almost came out from my mouth before ko jawab"


spontaneous. deep.

Friday, July 24, 2009


The time will come when you'll see that pretty much everything was better than you thought. That life was more beautiful, people were kinder, greens were greener, and the water was cleaner. But most of all, you'll see... that you were simply stunning, every day of your life.


I'm done with my VIVA (oral exam) for paeds...No, i didnt really study for this one as i would've been cos i i was feeling lazy but God helped me in other way. Yes, the topics were common but none of the expected ones but as i had lotsa related pop quiz from my MO prior to that, i would say it went smoothly...Was my MO the angel in disguise then?

I'm done with my oncalls in paeds..9 days of 8-5 shifts is a bless...although the last call was a bit of drama, let's not attract the negativity from it..Now, what shall i do with my free nights?

I'm done with SCN(special care nursery) and being transferred to NICU (neonatal intensive unit). Yes, the workload might be a bit more intense but i've got great people to work with instead of wasting my time delegating task. So the record came down to 745g baby that i have intubated.

The housewarming BBQ was a success...good sporting crowd...supple of food and funny candid reminded me so much of Melbourne's life. I have to admit that i lost cooking touch but i helped around with cleaning and preparing the material...ngeh! So, the next plan will be picnic by the beach...yeay!

What's next??

Today i' planning to go for a spa...i need some me time.

Tomorrow, i' hoping to catch up with Farina after work in between her Panggilan Pulau and Airport.

And next weekend, I' off to KL for some 'Black Shopping Splurge' and hopefully a few movie sessions...Black in the sense that i have this list of black items that i must get,hahahha...

Life is good. Life is better.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

That was scary!

lTengah2 dalam kereta nak pergi mall,

Yt: yeayeay!! kereta dah bersih..

Ui: *pandang dengan muka curiga* haaa, ko basuh kereta nih mesti ko nak dating..

Yt: huh, amende nyee...*muka bosan*

(dah berapa bulan MyWhite aku tuh tak berbasuh, maka haruslah aku excited bila lihat ia berkilat kembali...betul, takde kena mengena dengan yang hidup mahupun yang mati)

elok je sampai junction, teeeeettt teeetttt bunyi sms

Yt: isk, pakcik nih..macam tau2 je aku nak kuar..sib baik sempat..

Ui: haaaa, betul kan aku kata..wah, terus tukar lane..ahahha

Yt: *dalam hati-shadap la pempuan=p*

Pung piang pung piang, pergi amik dia then tiba2 offer nak belanja makan.

impromptu lagi....dgn aku fool of wardrobe malfunction di kala itu, nasib la labu... aku memang buta warna, colour incoordinate.

Kisah selanjutnya di tempat makan,

borak borak makan makan...terkeluar cerita pasal semalam. oh, geng sekepala rupanya...

alih alih dia senyum kambing pastu melambai seseorang..

wallahwei, that very person we're talking aboutl! none of them plan the co-incident by the look of their faces, i can assure u that...

erk, i guessss....

p/s...aku rasa spooked. psychic.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Breath in , breath out...

2 weeks of silence?

Should i recap my first real challenge being a doctor -breaking bad news to the family members?

I wish i could share with someone about this inferiority complex i suffered of late. i started to de-value myself and could not find anything worth about myself. Atypical of me but i'm not ashamed to admit.

A little thought- Would i be missed if i die?

Headache and cough are little nuisance to the already hectic life.

I missed having an ample time to sit down and think before typing.

I want to scream out loud!

I need a hug.

Fingers off.

Ya Allah, ampunkan segala dosaku.

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Now it’s time to share with you people the business opportunity I was talking about some time ago before i went fo umrah.
After I successfully introduce HERBALIFE to the people around me, I look out for another side income that not only will give me financial freedom but also will change my life.

Then I was introduced to the company by a colleague. At first I was nonchalant but after listening to its company, product and marketing plan, I knew it’s one in a lifetime chance.

Being a businesswoman, I’ve always consider these 3 component before making my first step.


# The company has established itself within 17 years and counting
# Listed in the Main Board of KLSE
#Accredited by Kementerian Perdagangan Dalam Negeri (KPDN)
#Accredited by MARA for producing MALAY millionaires every year.
#Benefits not only CASH MONEY but also DESIGNER WATCH, CAR ALLOWANCE and FREE OVERSEA TRIP (all in my wish list…)

# Accredited as SUPERBRAND
# 1 year warranty for BIO-AURA
#Nano technology that allows water to detoxify our body efficiently
# The alkaline water that will neutralise acidic environment in our body ( and the closest pH to our holy Zamzam..)
# Excellent review through television and magazines (that I don’t have to do the talking much..)

MARKETING PLAN (the most CONTRIBUTING FACTOR for my decision to join)
#Very simple and easy to follow
# The investment in only once in a lifetime ( not yearly or even monthly)
# Only 3 STEPS for a stable and PASSIVE income
# Only 10 SETS and 4 BUSINESS PARTNER in a lifetime to be successful
# Hundreds of MALAYS have become millionaires following the system

When I first attend the weekly get-together aka training, I had an eye-opening experience. I met a lot of successful people who have climbed up the ladder and enjoy a new life. I’m not talking about ex-CEO or professionals here but humble clerk /pembantu am rendah, attendant hospital and staff nurse. They earn a lot more than I do being a government servant and enjoy better life. I see determination and strong will in their face, deep inside I feel ‘challenged’ ( in a good way).

I have a lot of dreams- for myself, beloved family and to contribute to the community. I cannot fulfill my these dreams with my job alone. Furthermore, Rasulullah once said that 9 out of 10 of rezeki is from business. Last but not least, seeing many people (and most importantly MALAYS) as the living proof of this business..I decided to make it as my choice of life. The first one was receiving my first month bonus worth 4K so I‘m looking forward for more.

Here I am, inviting you to be part of this life changing experience. Do contact me if u wanna know more. We’ll achieve our DREAMS together..

~A flower doesn't turn toward the sun because it needs to, but because it wants to, and so the process is effortless and joyful. ~

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Cricket moments...

Diam lebih baik dari berkata-kata

When you have nothing good to say, just keep quiet

That's what i believe now. Learning in hard way, words can be very hurtful. I choose to go on silent instead of repeating myself. After all, it's just me being emotional.

I choose to block stay in control with my thoughts and focus on other things in life instead. I want to keep on believing and avoid sour feeling that will stop it from coming.

Ok then. Bye

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Being a chronic HO in public hospital allows me a limited time for other things in life but that's not gonna be the topic of discussion here..

Instead, i have this list of events that i am looking forward or planning to do in between on calls and running around the ward...

1. Resume exercise

I have two options of going for a brisk walk at the park or taking up tae-box again so i choose the latter as it can be done at my own convenience. For a start, i brought the gymball to the house and tomorrow will search for the tae-box dvd among the stacks. Actually, i've been doing tae-box way back in Melbourne and i think it's time to feel the adrenaline rush again. See, my working environment (and location) may not permit me to sign up for gym membership but i need my endorphin daily doses to keep me happy (and glowing).

2. Round trip to Ipoh

I have been promising my beloved auntie a visit so it will be next month, insya Allah. hopefully, it will also include my younger sister and my mum. Her house has always been my favourite 'rest-house' with an almost complete collection of DVD's and easy access to good food. Also looking forward to some serious and personal talk with one of my favourite cousin.

3. Family day at greenery

My father owns an orchard completed with kolam ikan so next weekend, my paternal side will be organising our family day there with almost 9 families get together. I will be post call and most probably doze off under the hut, wake up in time for lunch..heheh..that's the beauty of having big family with aunties ready to pamper me off..

4. Massive shopping spree

U read me right there. I'm planning to do some massive shopping spree. Retail therapy will never fail to make a girl happy, that's a known fact. I missed doing laps of round at the shopping malls with my girls. Hopefully i can find shopping partners for this mission.

Happy Feeling..stay with me!


I have a confession to make..


It's time to erase the 'No-Shopping-Unless-I'm-Travelling-Policy' out of my resolution for this year..hahahhahah

That's because i have a long list of things to buy and i miss doing shopping spree..the latest proof was yesterday when i bought 4 set of baju kurung and a beach dress while accompanying Farina's mother.impromptu.

Here's my list for this month alone
1. TV 24' inch for our living room.
2. Double bed for my room
3. Aircond for my room
4. Treat mum a handphone for her birthday.
5. Bedside table x 2
6. Railing for my working attire
7. 'Best of Life' board

and next month, i'm planning to top up my working pants, pattern scarf and baju kurung plus a practical black handbag. So the next best thing to do is to spring-clean my wardrobes (again?) because it's already overflowing..

Money, money...come to me!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

3 Days in Heaven...

Day 1

I woke up early for no reason. While waiting for my nephews to wake up, i found myself reading through the autograph book dated back in 1999- the book we created for our friends before leaving SSP.. i had a long story with this book, actually waited for almost 10 years since i left school to get hold of it back..but the patience paid off..

As i flipped through the pages, i smiled, laughed out loud and at times couldnt help myself from sighing in deep regret. it truly touched me to see how much effort these people put up into the pages and how i was remembered as back was funny how some of us(ehem, highlight to the headgirl!) could actually dreamhigh..

Deep inside, i could not ignore my regret for not being able to keep some of them close through the years.. we drifted apart, no thanks to the time and distance. hopefully the coming 10th years anniversary will give me a chance to fix at least some, if not all.

So i spent the rest of the day doing some shopping spree at The Curve-Ikea-Ikano.. i must say i was not even half done with my shopping despite the long 4 hours but there'll always be next time... the No-Shopping-Unless-I'm-Travelling policy is still valid i think, or at least i'd like to believe so.. I've listed few items for my brother to bring home from Ikea too..

I called it a day at 9pm. ngeee..

Day 2

She's my confidante, i promised myself to make it to her wedding and i'm glad i did. I went to Port Dickson with Ms. Z and Aneesa on a longgggggggggggg journey.. was it the Suarasa or Hani-Izhar's wedding that created the massive traffic, we wonder ;) It's amazing to realise that i actually waited for more than 6 years to meet both girls (and Dyian actually, as we bump into her at Alamanda) again. We hugged each other, congratulated on the good news and shared lotsa stories on our way to the reception. We thought we got lost on the highway (Along, i would've called you if i have ur number to ask the direction...hehehe) but he assured me that we're not through the phone. As agreed, the map was meant for Serembanites o.n.l.y;)

Hani-Izhar looks gorgeous alongside Adzreil but pardon me for not bringing my camera along...we had a heartful lunch by the beach (oh yes, u read me right!) and a familiar face hi-ed us in was Cikgu Zarina, our dearest teacher back in IB..

Day 3

I made a plan with Cik Tun to visit Norma and her new little munchkin...the Zara Jr. was gorgeous!! also met up with Effie there, as pretty as she always been.

By noon, i'm home again to spend time with my dearest nephews before i left for hometown...

Will be back in August!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Kisah lepak...

Both were heading to the deer cage at the park...

Aku: hmmm, ape beza ek rusa dengan seladang??

Dia: *turn around with a bewildered look* makcik! seladang tuh macam lembu...hahahha

Aku: *erk* ohhhh ek??

Dia: hahaha, i tau lah u bukan doktor haiwan=p

Aku: *rolled eyes*

*someone got a good punch afterwards*


It's past 11pm and i'm post-call.

I wished there's more time to finish up my draft for the last weekend activity and to come up with more entries. Promise, i'll try better next time..


and all the very best to you..

Thursday, May 28, 2009


1.One day i received a call asking when i'm going to empty the quarters. Apparently they've decided to shorten the stay of houseman from 2 years to a year only in that apartment. oh great! *rolled eyes*

So the house hunting began. It's been 6 years since i did it with my girls back in Melbourne and lack of virtual information didnt help the process itself.

Hugs to my mum, we managed to find a decent semi-D house with 4 bedroom. I love the neighbourhood with an easy access to almost everywhere. This time i decided to go easy on furniture hunting and settled down with a simple yet spacious master bedroom. I need to find a good quality of matress and a practical study table then i'll be done.

Psttt, there's a tiny chance that i'll start back cooking. shall we wait and see?

2. Day in and day out in paeds ward practially left us in exhaustion and a short break would be nice. Then came the idea of going for picnic this saturday. Unfortunately, Brahim have to leave for KL that makes us incomplete. Fret not, we extended the invitation to other colleagues and so far the response were just great. I'm so gonna bring my favourite picnic hat and book to enjoy the day. I so cant waittt!

3. I've booked a flight from 4th to 7th june to be in KL. The main reasons were to attend my beloved angel, haniizhar's wedding and to meet my Yusuf Rayyan for the first time. But here's things to consider

- Hani's wedding will be in Seremban and takes place on saturday then the hotel reception on sunday. i wish i could attend both as it's been 6 years since i last saw her. Attending her house's ceremony means better chance to meet her up close and chatted for a while but i also wish to attend the other reception...if i want to do so, i need to find lodging cos there's no way i am making twice trip to seremban. my SIL will definitely not be happy,hehhe... my initial plan was to book a hotel with Zila and enjoy a quick break just the two of us..but i have to find alternative just in case.

If i have to choose between the two wedding, which one should i go? i have a feel that home reception would be a better chance for a long lost fren...

If only he's coming back to KL/Seremban also, things would be easier....

- I wish to go to IKEA for some cute things...

4. Anis, the name is not Ali. lol! insya Allah when the right time comes, i'll share the story with all of u girls for now, there're two jebons reading this space that will throw a fit if i go into details about our progress....

Tomorrow, i'm going for a brisk walk at the park..

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Sorry girls,

i need some time to update on

-my new (rented) house

-picnic plan this coming saturday

-going to kl from 4th to 7th june for hani-izhar's wedding and some family time

-life in ward 4 of paediatric unit

that's all i guess..

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Don't ask me question..

1. What is the relationship of you and him/her?
bila si lurus bertemu si loyar buruk...

2. Your 5 impressions towards him/her.
1. Thoughtful in subtle way..
2. Isk, his cheekiness drives me confused *rolled eyes*
3. Family-man
4. Good command in English with great knowledge about almost everything
5. Comfort to the eyes..

3. The most memorable things he/she had done for you?
when he sing to me one of Anuar Zain's

4. The most memorable things he/she have said to you?

5. If he/she become your lover, you will..
thank Allah for the greatest gift

6. If he/she become your enemy, you will..
smile and walk away

7. If he/she become your lover, he/she has to improve on
his cheekiness...*rolled eyes*

8. If he/she become your enemy, the reason is...
cheating on me

9. The most desirable thing to do on him/her is?

10. The overall impression of him/her is...
a person worth to keep at heart..

ok, dont worry. i still keep the option open..hahahaha

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Feeling blessed...

When HE took away a person, little did i know that HE actually wants to replace with a better one....

Choose to keep things low.

Pls pray for what's best..

Ya Allah, sesungguhnya aku minta petunjuk yang baik dari-Mu dengan ilmu-Mu, aku minta kekuatan dari-Mu dengan kekuatan-Mu. Aku meminta dari-Mu dari kelebihan-Mu yang banyak, maka sesungguhnya Engkau berkuasa, aku tidak berkuasa, Engkau mengetahui dan Engkaulah yang paling mengetahui perkara-perkara ghaib.

Ya Allah, jika Engkau mengetahui bahawa perkara ini baik untukku pada agamaku, duniaku dan kesudahan urusanku buat masa kini dan masa akan datang, maka tentukannya untukku dan permudahkannya kepadaku. Jika Kamu mengetahui bahawa perkara ini tidak baik untukku pada agamaku dan duniaku dan kesudahan urusanku buat masa kini dan masa akan datang maka elakkanya dariku dan elakkan diriku daripadanya, tentukan kebaikan untukku di mana sahaja aku berada sesungguhnya Engkau berkuasa di atas segala sesuatu.


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Chin Up and Stride Forward

I once replied to my dearest Monash's sister

"Big hugs for u. I knew bout the UM offer so congrats! Mmg in our job selalu kena marah, rasa unappreciated tp keep in mind that we work kerana Allah and not for others. That way rasa much comforted. We've always try out best..'

She texted me the usual dilemma and infamous challenge faced by junior doctor, particularly in this system-the humiliation, the dejection, the frustration and what's not. This issue were dealt differently by us; some choose to whine and others keep it rotting inside.

If you're saying i'm being idealist; well, sorry but that's how i choose to face it, or rather embrace the situation. It's too late to regret our choice to pursue this profession and if i may humbly remind that we're actually given the opportunity by Allah to do the most noble job of all. If that's not enough, this job actually brings us closer and closer to our Creator.

How many times we recite Bismillah or Selawat before poking the patient's vein or doing resuscitation?

This journey was never an easy one for me either. Some may have seen my tears streaming down while doing ward job and at nights, some read my thought of writing a resignation letter in the previous space. The only survival kit i have were solat hajat each time before on call because i was so scared i might faced difficult nights and finding little happiness every day. Successful venepuncture on difficult vein could easily be the source of satisfaction during that period.

Slowly i learned and found new joy and enthusiasm in this job.

Being average, my daily aim is to be able to perform my best and come home with no regrets. I know i may not be able to remember everything under the sun and master all the skills but as long as i tried, i will leave the hospital with a smile.

'Worry is like a working chair, it will give your work but will not bring anywhere' - SSP's t shirt.

Be grateful that we have HIM to submit ourselves at the end of the day. Be grateful that we have HIM to turn to when everyone else could only give us sympathy look. Be grateful that we only HIS evaluation matters and not others. Be very grateful that we have HIM in our life.

Hugs to all the survivors!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dua Pertemuan...

1.One of our days in Mecca, my mum asked whether i'd like to tag along to her friend's acquaintance so i simply said yes despite my common cold. I almost regretted the decision due to the long waiting under the blazing sun until i met the person himself at his house.

Being (Malay) Malaysian millionaire over there, he inspired us in so many ways but most of all

-The key to control the disease is by having no anger and always take things easy. As simple as stress makes your sugar level go haywire, not to mention the blood pressure to shoot up. Keep calm and have no worries.

-When we see other people's fortune, recite Masya Allah and when it comes to our turn, say Alhamdulillah.

-If other (rich) people climb up the mountain in a day, we will climb up the mountain in a month.. We will eventually reach there, it's just a matter of time.

For some, it may be a known facts but let's see how much practise we actually put in it?

2. I've always known that i have relatives who resided in Mecca for a very long time so when it's time to pay them a visit with my family, comes the mixed feeling. anxious-cum-excited. I was worried that it will be a deafening meeting as nobody will understand each other's language and i wonder so many things about them.

I thought wrong. They were all well-versed in Kelantanese, not to mention Arabic despite only paying short visit to Malaysia every now and then. They were warm and welcoming, making me felt like home ( I even took a nap on the bed....ops!). They wore kebaya under their jubah and not much different from us. It was a great experience to know that i have family over there and could not wait to meet them again in the next ziarah.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Two Holy Mosques

1. Talbiah tetamu Allah

HambaMu telah datang menyambut panggilanMu, Ya Tuhan, hambaMu datang menyambut panggilanMu. Sesungguhnya segala puji-pujian dan nikmat dan kerajaan adalah kepunyaanMu dan tidak ada sekutu bagiMu.

2. Alhamdulillah

Pengalaman pertama menjadi tetamu Allah di Tanah Haram sangat bermakna dan indah. For me to write the experience and feelings over there would be difficult, almost private.

3. Doa perpisahan

Selamat tinggal wahai Rasulullah. Berpisahlah kita wahai Nabi Allah. Amanlah dikau wahai kekasih Allah. Semoga Allah tidak menjadikan pertemuan kita ini sebagai hari terakhir denganmu untuk menziarahimu ataupun berada di sisimu. Kecuali Allah mengurniakan kebajikan sihat dan afiat serta selamat jika umur panjang, insya Allah aku akan datang menziarahimu semula. Tapi jika aku mati dulu, maka aku tinggalkan di sampingmu ikrar sumpah setiaku dari hari ini hinggalah ke hari kiamat, iaitu pengakuanku yang bersungguh sungguh, ,bahawa tiada Tuhan lain yang disembah dengan sebenar benarnya kecuali Allah Tuhan yang Maha Esa, tidak ada sekutu bagiNya dan aku bersaksi dengan sesungguhnya bahawa Nabi Muhammad adalah hamba dan pesuruhNya. Maha Suci Tuhanmu, Tuhan yang mempunyai kemuliaan dari segala yang mereka sifatkan. Salam sejahtera ke atas para Rasul. Segala puji untuk Allah, Tuhan yang mentadbirkan seluruh alam ini.


Friday, April 17, 2009

I'll be gone...

This shall be my last entry before i'm off for umrah this 21st April til 5th May. The most awaited 2 week's of break after all that happened.

I'll remember each and everyone of you there and pray for all the best things in your life, be it marriage; health; career and little-junior-in-the-making.

Hopefully i will be back refreshed, more in touch with my true-self and find solace i've been searching for.

Deep inside, i also believe that my last wishlist for May will also come true..

I seek forgiveness for all my wrongdoings and please pray for my safe journey..

-Love and Hugs-

Thursday, April 16, 2009


This, i reward myself for passing through Obs & Gynae..loving it!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Finding happiness

Cantik tak??

cantik kannnn...

Friday, April 3, 2009

Bounce back!

Aku rasa terhina tapi takpe,

Allah ade and doa itu senjata..

One day is enough for me to swallow the words and shoved everything behind.

I'm bouncing back recounting my blessing and looking forward for many many more happiness

* Tomorrow will be a new day in paediatric. I'm glad that the 6 of us will be in the same department which means merrier lunch hour, more outings and bowling trips plus late night supper. I'm glad that there will be new things to learn and a more laid back environment awaiting.

*My umrah trip will be from 21st April till 5th May with a day break before i start my job again. Alhamdulillah, this was my last year's wish and Allah has made it easy for me to apply for the leave and insya Allah it'll be a new start for me. It's time to cleanse myself and bring myself closer to The Creator and insya Allah will become my annual trip from then on.

*I'm determined to achieve my goal within 3 months after i set my foot into the new business and earn myself a free oversea trip at the end of this year. Alhamdulillah, my HERBALIFE is giving me good money but i just can't resist good opportunity..

That's enough for a start..

But first thing first, i need a new layout..

Thursday, April 2, 2009


5 months of staying away.

1 month of starting new.

and the truth finally prevailed.

i can learn to be your fren but lying through your teeth is the gravest mistake.

i wish our path will never ever cross again.

what goes around, comes around.

what goes around, comes around.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Alhamdulilah i passed my viva. was so relieved that a year of internship is over,another year to go. next will be in paeds. the clan reunited!

I made a person offended last nite but i think i deserve to know.

Im goin to kl and would love to watch Talentime..

I wanna change this layout to include my wishlist cos many of them came true;)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Goodness gracious!

1. To those who are interested with SCORE A for their siblings/cousins/nephews/nieces, let me know..i'm more than happy to help and spread this good effort..

2. My VIVA for O&G will be tomorow. i have butterflies in my stomach whenever i thought of it. For the past 2 days, i have been living in denial and chose to ignore the books. pls pray for me...i really need to pass this assessment and move on to paeds..takutnye=(

3. I'm going to Kedah tomorrow night to visit my Aqil and Zahra...mum said Zahra is just like me when i was small..ngehngehngeh!!

4. I'm going to KL this coming Thursday night and spend two days with my Syahman, Umar and Ibrahim...

5. Yes yes!! i won the bowling games last night...i even beat the super-power Am (thank goodness, he's not gonna find this blog)...lalalala..and Umie's not reading this also, otherwise she's sooo gonna strangle me for bragging this out =p

Saya takuttt nak VIVA esokkk..huhuhuhuh

Friday, March 27, 2009


5 Reasons Why I Register My Nephews for SCORE A

1. Output Learning

During schoolyears, i've always noticed that my frens who excel in studies were the ones who practise answering questions instead of getting bogged down trying to read and memorise the whole things..and that's the difference between output vs input learning..

Eventually in the exam, it's our output learning ability that will be tested, how we apply all the theories and facts to get the rights answer and that's what SCORE A is all about.. there were more than 300,000 questions for the kids to practise and learn comprising all syllabus for UPSR and PMR (soon it will be SPM)..

2. EducationSystem

This portal is closely in line with the school curriculum set by the Ministry of Education. It has Real Time Update which means everytime Ministry of Education changes its curriculum, the portal will update itself..

The person behind SCORE A is an ex-principal of Sekolah Alam Shah..

SCORE A is the one that helps Sek Men Hulu Selangor to beats the rest of elite schools in PMR for 6 consecutive years ...

3. Past Year Exams

Remember during our last month before exams, our teachers would pass us all the past year exams or for those who have money would buy books from Cerdik's Publication to practise past year questions...

Now my nephew have access to 17 years of past year questions (1993-2008) in full formats for all subjects and he can practise doing them using "Countdown Timer"...once the time's up, the system will submit the paper automatically..

4. Report Cards/SMS to the parents

Let me ask you one question, how many times parents get to see their children's report card in a year? at most i bet only 2-4 times in a year..

Thanks to SCORE A, busy parents gets to monitor their children..
For nephew stayed with us in Kelantan and his parents were both in KL but no worries, his father would get his results everytime he practised in SCORE A...

I for myself is very2 busy with job and other stuffs but with SCORE A, i was able to go home during the weekend, browse through his portal and discuss with him all the wrong answer...just like a mini tuition but in a very interactive ways..

5. Personal Development

That's just obvious..

SCORE A brings the parents closer to the kids..
SCORE A helps to boost the kids' confidence level and encourage them to improve themselves
SCORE A trains the kids in Information and Communication Techology (ICT) at early age

Deep inside, i wish i had SCORE A during my schoolyears!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


1. laptop saya rosak.terpaksa menggunakan htc touch untuk update blog. antara white macbook atau pinky acer yang kecil molek, apekah vote anda?

2. VIVA saya pada selasa depan. doakan saya berjaya supaya saya dapat menikmati cuti seminggu dengan tenang dan gembira. bercuti di KL dan kedah mungkin.

3. nak tahu kisah mimpi saya tentang seseorang? ia rupanya petanda... dua hari kemudian, dikejutkan dgn satu sms daripada yang dimimpikan. tergamam melihat number tertera, number yang saya dah buang jauh2 selama 5 bulan. kenapa dan untuk apa saya dijejak, saya kurang pasti. tapi saya rasa saya tegar untuk melalui episode ini. saya juga sudah penat melarikan diri. mungkin ini yang terbaik.

4. insyaAllah cuti umrah saya diluluskan. siapa mahu namanya diseru bersama2 di Jabal Rahmah nanti? manusia perlu berusaha kan?

5. sekian untuk kali ini.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Tag suka suki

1. I am currently wearing braces for almost 3 months, hoping to have it off by Eid. The colour goes like this -pink-yellow-purple...what's next?

2. I went to all girls' school for 5 years, thus i tend to treat my male frens like my own siblings...kira macam sumbang mahram kalu nak berfeeling2

3. My favourite number must've been 6...six wonderful girlfrens back in Monash and now, 4 girls and 2 guys in my clique.

4. I'm looking forward to stay in a contemporary apartment...i want it to be 'less is more'

5. My first car is white and my last car will be RED!

6. I dont do well with elder generation. saya tak pandai nak bermanis muka berbudi bahasa dengan mereka..saya rasa kekok (dan juga takut kalau2 ada yang berkenan nak buat menantu..ok, ramai2 ROTFL!!)

7. I'm known as 'primadona' when i was small cos i used to pretend crying and all only to get things my way...and i tell u, it did most of the time.

8. Off all my memories back in melbourne, i missed our road trips and shopping spree most!!

9. I can go to a shopping mall and come back empty-handed OR going crazy with all the sales. I'm like that

10. Saya berangan nak kawen tahun nih....hahahahhahhah!!

11. My brother said i have too many bestfrens..

12. Ppl always question my place of origin when they hear me speaking..i'm a proud kelantanese, with or without the accent:p

13. My one and only love experience: i let it go and stay away from him after i realised i failed to stay fren without deeper feeling attached (and i'm tired of waiting)...hahahha, maafkan saya kerana pathetic.

14. I love to organise simple special event (mostly makan2) when the whole family's around..and our fave games are scrabble or monopoly...the kids in us;)

15. I love pasta so much, i could live on iit for weeks..

16. I promised myself not to do any shopping this year, unless when i'm travelling...

17. My fave book so far is 'The Last Lecture'

18. I have at least 10 books remained unopened on the shelves...maybe i'll read them when i'm done with O&G

19. I was on the verge of quitting after a month of work and here i am reaching a year of being HO, loving my job and couldn't think of doing anything else.

20. I enjoyed PGL musical theatre soooooo much... especially the dance

21. I loved doing gratitude list when i'm feeling down

22. I M.U.S.T catch up on OTH series!

23. I'm a Herbalife loyal fan-from the shakes to herbal aloe shampoo.

24. I am transparent, emotion-wise..

25. SIAP!

Tag berlima

5 Characteristics of your dream guy/girl (eh tak aci, korang dah tau tiga:p)
1) Sayang saya kerana Allah
2) Membimbing saya ke jalan Allah
3) Boleh menenangkan saya ketika gusar
4) Yakin pada diri (saya penat dengan lelaki yg merendah diri tak tentu hala)
5) Terima saya seadanya

5 Characteristics that you have never like in a guy/girl
1) Tak menjaga solat
2) Shallow
3) Perasan (ahahah!)
4) No manners (termasukla berdiam diri bila tak dapat penuhi janji...)
5) Liar liar

5 feelings that you have when you're out with the one you admire
1) segannya!
2) total happiness
3) senyap2 berdoa agar bertemu jodoh dgn lelaki sepertinya (hahahaha, remember the charming-AND-married doctor i wrote about?)
4) rasa ingin terus bergelak ketawa apa adanya
5) malu! ( cos i tend to be spontaneous and clumsy when i'm nervous..)

5 places that you want to travel with your loved one
1) Mekah
2) Europe (romantika d'amor)
3) Indonesia (kerana saya mahu shopping dan ada org utk tolong bayarkanangkat barang).
4) Sabah (orang kata pantai dan pulau di sana cantik2?)
5) ke alam mimpi? (lalalala...)

5 special things that you would give to your loved one
1) Myself
2) My love
3) My life
4) My soul
5) Our kids. :-)
*sorry Farina, aku tinggalkan aja jawapan kamu disini kerna tak banyak berbeza

5 songs that you will sing to your partner
1) Lucky -Jason Mraz
2) Ayat-ayat cinta-Rossa
3) Aku punya kamu -Faizal Tahir
4) Angel on my shoulder-Gareth Gates
5) Lagu rindu-Kerispatih

5 friends that you want to tag
1) Peah
2) Hanin
3) Kak Nazuha
4) Syu-hi
5) Ecah