Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dua Pertemuan...

1.One of our days in Mecca, my mum asked whether i'd like to tag along to her friend's acquaintance so i simply said yes despite my common cold. I almost regretted the decision due to the long waiting under the blazing sun until i met the person himself at his house.

Being (Malay) Malaysian millionaire over there, he inspired us in so many ways but most of all

-The key to control the disease is by having no anger and always take things easy. As simple as stress makes your sugar level go haywire, not to mention the blood pressure to shoot up. Keep calm and have no worries.

-When we see other people's fortune, recite Masya Allah and when it comes to our turn, say Alhamdulillah.

-If other (rich) people climb up the mountain in a day, we will climb up the mountain in a month.. We will eventually reach there, it's just a matter of time.

For some, it may be a known facts but let's see how much practise we actually put in it?

2. I've always known that i have relatives who resided in Mecca for a very long time so when it's time to pay them a visit with my family, comes the mixed feeling. anxious-cum-excited. I was worried that it will be a deafening meeting as nobody will understand each other's language and i wonder so many things about them.

I thought wrong. They were all well-versed in Kelantanese, not to mention Arabic despite only paying short visit to Malaysia every now and then. They were warm and welcoming, making me felt like home ( I even took a nap on the bed....ops!). They wore kebaya under their jubah and not much different from us. It was a great experience to know that i have family over there and could not wait to meet them again in the next ziarah.

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