Sunday, March 27, 2011

Batik Lukis Jacquard

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Price: RM199

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Price: RM199

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Saturday, March 5, 2011


I was only 16 when i first started doing business... As my hometown is in Kelantan, I told my mum that i wanted to sell tudung to my friends in Seri Puteri.. I was actually inspired by her who was doing business as her side income apart from being a runs in the family..

Mum supported my idea (yippie yay!) and I came back to the hostel after school holiday with a box of tudung. At that time, tudung bawal isnt as famous as now and there're other nice materials that was the 'in' thing..I brought about 20 pieces to sell..

I wasnt all confident that anyone would buy it (inferiority complex, so to speak.heh!) but after a few days, they were sold out!

The best thing was i got to keep all the cash afterwards ( translation: pocket money)


Every now and then since we left school, I had friends who visited Kelantan and volunteered myself to bring them to Pasar Siti Khadijah, Bazar Buluh Kubu or Arked Uda to shop. It's a well-known trick that if you speaks like a true Kelantanese, the prices will be much cheaper...So that's what i am for,heheh..

It has been more than a decade now. I would like to re-live the experience but we're no longer staying in Dorm Kiambang or studying in 4 Ilmu ; kelantan is maybe thousands mile from your house or even if you do come here, the dialect might be tricky.

So i'm here to make your life easier

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