Friday, October 31, 2008



I have so many things to share and dream on here but u'd have to wait till next time cos i need to settle few other stuff first..

Let's see

-Reminisce the happy and joyful days' been for me

-Update my add-on wish list

-Heart-warming thoughts from one of the gems

-How's life has been as the surgical HO

-The one who laugh last, laugh the best...

later alligator!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Full on...

I realised that i'll be very occupied for the next few days...

Saturday: most likely, it'll be my shopping day with SIL..I'm thinking of finding a dress for the upcoming dinner, stock up my shoes, bags, tops and working pants..on top of that, lingeries and accesories would be essentials too.. i wish i could also find a square-shaped watch to my liking..

Sunday: have i ever told you how envious i was everytime i missed open house during raya while i was in Melb? oh yeah, even when i was in Msia actually cos it's not the usual celebration among Kelantanese (not that i have many Kelantanese frens anyway back then;p)..anyway, it's been my wish to attend open house once i come back to Msia and i'm glad i'm gonna make it this time..hoping to see many familiar faces in PJ and hopefully can proceed with my shopping trip afterwards..

Monday: another shopping trip? or ok, at least window shopping before making a plan to treat a fren ..on a second thought, i'd like to go to the
MPH Warehouse Sale instead..anyone offering me a lift? eheh...

Tuesday: ehem, it'll be nice if my SIL agreed to bring me to Metrojaya Warehouse Sales..later that night, i'll be heading back already...

Wednesday: My first day doing urological rotation..

Thursday: Yeay, I'll be playing bowling as organised by MMA...let's strike and have funnn!

Friday: I've managed to persuade my fren to hold a wild party housewarming party and the theme would be retro...any suggestion of what to mix and match?



' you miss me?'


'honestly, do you miss me?'

'*chuckled*..err, i dont know..'

very funny *rolled eyes*....we're not in Grey's Anatomy i tell ya ;p

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I have 3 elder brother, 1 elder sister and 1 younger know that already, dont u? ;)

One day, i came up with these nickname based on their character in the family something like..

Abang Long=BOLD





suprisingly, the nickname matches their job...unlike the one left



now, make a guess of what these dearest people are actually doing for their life?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


So, i wrote her the promised email after contemplating for a few days mainly because i was too jingly with my dream wish and happy thought i'd rather not swap it with some bad memories. nonetheless, i think she deserved to know the ending.

To be honest i'm tempted to share it here but at this point of time, i prefer to keep things to myself. not because i dont wanna look like a sour loser or avoiding sympathy but i guess what happened, already happened.

I've move on.

There are so many good things coming up, i'm ready to roll on again!

- i am soooo gonna do shopping. after 2 months without, i've accumulated enough energy to swipe the plastic card take a tour around the mall and presented myself with good deals;)

-i'll make sure i get food treat while in KL. Farina's open house would be one of them...eheh. I'm thinking of Korean's and Western's this time...the lunch/dinner might be on me;)

-there's this bowling games among the colleagues next thursday and i'm submitting my name for it. anything in the name of sports, i'm in!

-charity dinner among the profesionals....let's dress up!


it sounds silly and funny but

'yati...jom buat round..'

'err...sarah ada?' (like hello, we're no longer in the same [surgical] team..)

'saya tak nak sarah....saya nak round dgn awak...'

hoh! mabuk dahhhhh..

i just rolled my eyes smiled and continued my work..

p/ girls, kindly change the link and url to my space...i'm so ready to face the world again.

dang ding dong!

Friday, October 17, 2008

As i wish...


My long wish list and dream....

1. A total make over of myself. I've started literally by creating a new comfy niche for myself, virtually (which is here) and in reality (that is the studio). i enjoy the half-body-length mirror, i still dig the love pattern of this background and look forward to more. next i shall proceed to my wardrobe which most likely to take place next weekend (mehrannnnn, i cant wait!). yes, i'd clear up some of my old stuff (mostly shoes and bags) to make way for the new blings ;p i did happened to suffer from shopaholic block (as in coming back from the shopping mall empty-handed;p) on rare occasion but i hope it wont happen this time...i'm planning to get statement t-shirts and pattern scarf to add colours to my wardrobe. more working attire wont hurt too;)

But the most meaningful experience would be a make over of inner self. I started it the day i learnt the heart-breaking truth. i treasured composure more than ever. if there's one thing i do more nowadays; it'd be the smile. i did that when ppl told me how mad they were with the slanders; after being scolded corrected by the senior doctors, while struggling with endless admission in the middle of the night and even to the decent flirt given by a colleague. it gives me a peace of mind, if not calms me down. either that or i keep in silent. the latter happened when i'm upset or feeling rather low, which i rarely let myself dwell for long now. i choose not to talk about the recent happening because i do not want to attract more of that, not because i wanna ignore ur concern and kind attention.

i wish for a pure heart full of love and gratitude, keen to give and believe in the best from Allah.

2.i love the thought of going for a holiday by the end of next month. i have two choices really, that is to be in Jakarta with my darling friend or simply wait for my aunt to plan a trip to Bandung. Either way, i'm excited. Travel and shopping ( also, food-tasting experience) is fanta-bulous!

3.i aim to weigh 50kg or less (pls, my mum shall not know about this or else she'll freak out..kekeke) cos it makes me feel good and desirable.


No lah. i guess i just love feeling slim and able to fit into most of the clothes. that's all. nothing aneroxic, nothing vanity. self-esteem, more like. having food as one of my favourite's, HERBALIFE is the best discovery i've ever made.eheh!

4.i dream of being a specialist before reaching 37. which specialty? i havent put my hand on a specific route yet. i promised myself that during my journey towards being one, i'd be one reliable houseman to the departments, approachable and helpful medical officer to the newbies and a source of comfort to the patients.

5. i am praying for an umrah next year. i believe i can make time for that and will treasure the closeness with my Creator. u know, the nothing else matters' kind of feeling. i'd like to experience that for once.

6. i hope, i wish and i pray to meet the guy and settle down by next year. far-fetched? setiap kata-kata itu kan doa? erm, i have nothing more to say on this matter.

7.i'd loveeeee to be a good dancer. i feel that it's the most fun exercise to get a sexy fit body and good way of de-stress too ....ideally, there'll be one private studio where i'll meet up with my girlfriends and dance to the beat whenever we feel like it. the instructor? i'll let my friends drool on him decide;p

8. i wanna earn big money. for a simpler reason so that i can shop more but more humbly because i wanna share the wealth with those matters to me and contribute to the needy ones... now, that sounds better isnt it? =D

9. i wanna go back toshopping in Melb, that explains why i haven't converted the, where's my darling KAMI's?

10. i'd be delighted for endless HERBALIFE order. ngeeeeeee!




Sunday, October 12, 2008


I have so many things to write here..

about my life events in the past..

about my siblings...

about my long wish list and dream...


but i just couldn't sit down and type it out...always in a hurry or have something else to do

so i think i wont do justice to do a quick jot....

write later then...

erm, which of the three u'd like to know first? ;p

Thursday, October 9, 2008


i spent good money for half body-length mirror, cleaning tools, dishes rack, also fruits, yoghurt drinks and a few others for the new fridge.

i was happy to see the new look around my studio.

that's my first step to attract as much of positive attraction around me.

i was doing first call last weekend and admission was endless until past midnight. yet, i was all smiling and almost hopping around doing the clerking. my friend and i even managed to catch Ayat Ayat Cinta on TV for a while....

i love the thought that i'll be in KL during the deepavali long weekend until brother and SIL is holding an open hse on saturday and i'm inviting my frens to that, the next day i'll be at Farina's and hoping to meet my beloved girlfrens there. then will be my favourite activities as i'm thinking of doing some wardrobe make over..anyone joining me for the shopping spree? i'm feeling generous to treat the lucky ones with a piece or two as well...

Herbalife's doing well and i am excited to hear good testimonials from the buddies but most importantly myself is the living proof that it's the best product for health and nutrition. 51kg with figure of **-24-36 has never been in my wildest dream;)

every second, i tried to be more grateful for what i have in my life...

believing that i will be blessed with more of that..

Wednesday, October 8, 2008



i closed down the blog.

i deleted from the friendster list

and finally,

i throw away the other sim card into the bin (selamba je dengan balance 400 sms and RM20 lebih credit)...

that's it. i have nothing to remind me of it anymore. 5 years of waiting has finally come to an end.

'Lupakan, wanita yang baik untuk lelaki yang baik...'

insya Allahh....

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Hi girls...

thanks for being here...