Tuesday, October 21, 2008


So, i wrote her the promised email after contemplating for a few days mainly because i was too jingly with my dream wish and happy thought i'd rather not swap it with some bad memories. nonetheless, i think she deserved to know the ending.

To be honest i'm tempted to share it here but at this point of time, i prefer to keep things to myself. not because i dont wanna look like a sour loser or avoiding sympathy but i guess what happened, already happened.

I've move on.

There are so many good things coming up, i'm ready to roll on again!

- i am soooo gonna do shopping. after 2 months without, i've accumulated enough energy to swipe the plastic card take a tour around the mall and presented myself with good deals;)

-i'll make sure i get food treat while in KL. Farina's open house would be one of them...eheh. I'm thinking of Korean's and Western's this time...the lunch/dinner might be on me;)

-there's this bowling games among the colleagues next thursday and i'm submitting my name for it. anything in the name of sports, i'm in!

-charity dinner among the profesionals....let's dress up!


it sounds silly and funny but

'yati...jom buat round..'

'err...sarah ada?' (like hello, we're no longer in the same [surgical] team..)

'saya tak nak sarah....saya nak round dgn awak...'

hoh! mabuk dahhhhh..

i just rolled my eyes smiled and continued my work..

p/s..so girls, kindly change the link and url to my space...i'm so ready to face the world again.

dang ding dong!

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