Friday, October 24, 2008

Full on...

I realised that i'll be very occupied for the next few days...

Saturday: most likely, it'll be my shopping day with SIL..I'm thinking of finding a dress for the upcoming dinner, stock up my shoes, bags, tops and working pants..on top of that, lingeries and accesories would be essentials too.. i wish i could also find a square-shaped watch to my liking..

Sunday: have i ever told you how envious i was everytime i missed open house during raya while i was in Melb? oh yeah, even when i was in Msia actually cos it's not the usual celebration among Kelantanese (not that i have many Kelantanese frens anyway back then;p)..anyway, it's been my wish to attend open house once i come back to Msia and i'm glad i'm gonna make it this time..hoping to see many familiar faces in PJ and hopefully can proceed with my shopping trip afterwards..

Monday: another shopping trip? or ok, at least window shopping before making a plan to treat a fren ..on a second thought, i'd like to go to the
MPH Warehouse Sale instead..anyone offering me a lift? eheh...

Tuesday: ehem, it'll be nice if my SIL agreed to bring me to Metrojaya Warehouse Sales..later that night, i'll be heading back already...

Wednesday: My first day doing urological rotation..

Thursday: Yeay, I'll be playing bowling as organised by MMA...let's strike and have funnn!

Friday: I've managed to persuade my fren to hold a wild party housewarming party and the theme would be retro...any suggestion of what to mix and match?



' you miss me?'


'honestly, do you miss me?'

'*chuckled*..err, i dont know..'

very funny *rolled eyes*....we're not in Grey's Anatomy i tell ya ;p


Nadya said...

mcsteamy...or mcdreamy??


yatt said...