Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Shop Till Drop...

'Ahhhh, the sweet smell of heaven...'

I literally stopped at the entrance of the mall and take a deep breath, smiling from ear to ear..!

I'd voted this experience as the best ever for the preparation, even when i had to be alone for more than 6 hours on the first day when Fiance was running (super duper!!) late from somewhere else...i had every right to sulk for that but choose not to..ahh, proud of myself;) In fact, i enjoyed myself browsing through from one shop to another and waited till he arrived to buy my (instant!) dream bag...

We had it better on 2nd day... managed to find everything on the list and much to his delight, i settled for this particular shoes after much contemplation and surveying (typical!)...it's sooooo soooooo nice to go shopping when u dont have to worry about price tag and all because you know it's your once-in-a-lifetime-wedding (insya Allah!) so u can splurge without feeling guilty;)

In between the spree, we set a lunch date with my besties and they got along pretty quick...i'm happy!

We headed home 2 hours before the shop closed...Deep inside, i'm envious of those who're getting married next cos they'll have this marvellous experience to enjoy while i'm already done with it...
The best thing in the wedding to-do-list!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Now where's the list?

Ahh, apology..i should've invited you people to my wedding in previous note but i was in hurry to shut down my laptop and catch up with good sleep;)

So here i am inviting you to be part of the day..I dont plan anything big and it's going to be a simple 'kampung' wedding but i'd really appreciate if you could be there...please leave ur address for card delivery..

I created a check list while scribbling my mind away during a course in Pulau Kapas last July (talking about going to a medico-legal talk with none that i know of..) it has been useful ;)

Invitation list

Not an easy task. Still waiting for Fatma to email me SSPians database (practicality rules!), scratching my head to make a list for KMB, Monash, HRPZ II and the easiest would be for HTM.. Ahh, worst come to worst, i still have facebook kan? Not taking an easy way but it's quite impossible to reach each and everyone so please forgive me for doing so..

Wedding card

I planned to get it done while Fiance's still around during Eid but who would've thought 16th Sept would be a holiday for businessman as well..So i had to wait for the next weekend and drag my fab girls to accompany...it was hillarious trip with my bad sense of direction but definitely worth the fun. The choices were all nice and most importantly, dirt cheap;) Found the one that matched the theme and quickly made order before i switched to the usual fickle-minded...Now it's at the printing shop and hoping to send it away by November..

Updated: dang! the printing shop couldnt keep their promise to get the sample ready by 1 week. Lucky Fiance was around so i requested him to send them to another printing shop. The funny thing is that the card is no longer simple because Fiance took the effort to do the finer details..not that i know the difference between usual printing and customised stamp pad. ahhh, i shall see the result within this week and hopefully, it will be ready for hand/post-delivery by early next month..


None of the collection around the shop caught my attention or within my budget so i decided to google it. hehehe, found it! Again, it was so simple that the shop owner said it's more like engagement mini dais..but i believe the colour and flower arrangement will make up for it..anyway, it's going to be an informal event and the dais is merely for doa selamat and photo session so i i'm happy...now its a matter of convincing mum that it'll be more lovely with fresh flowers...


So the bridal shop owner is actually my mum's long distance relative..She told me that the package price for is for 5 dresses max so i havent got the chance to try them all yet...planning to do so this weekend i guess..as for the akad and his reception, waiting for the tailor to fix them all..oh, i need to survey some ready-made dress for the outdoor session. Dont worry, the session will be in between our reception so u wont find us MIA during your visit;)


I was a bit dissapointed as my engagement's photographer (cum-good-friend) told me that he's going away during the wedding so i had to browse through the net again..after comparing a few pacakge, found the one that gives the best deal within my budget..perhaps not the best but i guess it's just a matter of the environment and people around that makes good snapshot;) he's a freelancer that's actually working in KL but his clients were mostly in hometown. Thank God he could spare another day for the outdoor session...i'm hoping for candid pictures with lovely faces and gleeful smile from family and friends;)


A bit of tragedy as i decided to buy it without consulting my mum. I guess i took her word of 'simple' at face value without actually clarifying...hahaha, 700 pieces ok! Visit to Nilai saved the day...we found better deal within agreeable price. So all is good now, it's a matter of decorating them all. As for the earlier buy, i thought of kids and the affection to sweets...!

I shall leave the best part of all till the next entry;)