Monday, July 27, 2009


Someone was doing her daily chanting in the car....

"Nak kawen dengan orang kaya!"


"Ko nak kawen dengan sape yatt?"

"Nak kawen dengan orang yang sayang aku"

"Aku dah agak tuh mesti jawapan ko...almost came out from my mouth before ko jawab"


spontaneous. deep.

Friday, July 24, 2009


The time will come when you'll see that pretty much everything was better than you thought. That life was more beautiful, people were kinder, greens were greener, and the water was cleaner. But most of all, you'll see... that you were simply stunning, every day of your life.


I'm done with my VIVA (oral exam) for paeds...No, i didnt really study for this one as i would've been cos i i was feeling lazy but God helped me in other way. Yes, the topics were common but none of the expected ones but as i had lotsa related pop quiz from my MO prior to that, i would say it went smoothly...Was my MO the angel in disguise then?

I'm done with my oncalls in paeds..9 days of 8-5 shifts is a bless...although the last call was a bit of drama, let's not attract the negativity from it..Now, what shall i do with my free nights?

I'm done with SCN(special care nursery) and being transferred to NICU (neonatal intensive unit). Yes, the workload might be a bit more intense but i've got great people to work with instead of wasting my time delegating task. So the record came down to 745g baby that i have intubated.

The housewarming BBQ was a success...good sporting crowd...supple of food and funny candid reminded me so much of Melbourne's life. I have to admit that i lost cooking touch but i helped around with cleaning and preparing the material...ngeh! So, the next plan will be picnic by the beach...yeay!

What's next??

Today i' planning to go for a spa...i need some me time.

Tomorrow, i' hoping to catch up with Farina after work in between her Panggilan Pulau and Airport.

And next weekend, I' off to KL for some 'Black Shopping Splurge' and hopefully a few movie sessions...Black in the sense that i have this list of black items that i must get,hahahha...

Life is good. Life is better.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

That was scary!

lTengah2 dalam kereta nak pergi mall,

Yt: yeayeay!! kereta dah bersih..

Ui: *pandang dengan muka curiga* haaa, ko basuh kereta nih mesti ko nak dating..

Yt: huh, amende nyee...*muka bosan*

(dah berapa bulan MyWhite aku tuh tak berbasuh, maka haruslah aku excited bila lihat ia berkilat kembali...betul, takde kena mengena dengan yang hidup mahupun yang mati)

elok je sampai junction, teeeeettt teeetttt bunyi sms

Yt: isk, pakcik nih..macam tau2 je aku nak kuar..sib baik sempat..

Ui: haaaa, betul kan aku kata..wah, terus tukar lane..ahahha

Yt: *dalam hati-shadap la pempuan=p*

Pung piang pung piang, pergi amik dia then tiba2 offer nak belanja makan.

impromptu lagi....dgn aku fool of wardrobe malfunction di kala itu, nasib la labu... aku memang buta warna, colour incoordinate.

Kisah selanjutnya di tempat makan,

borak borak makan makan...terkeluar cerita pasal semalam. oh, geng sekepala rupanya...

alih alih dia senyum kambing pastu melambai seseorang..

wallahwei, that very person we're talking aboutl! none of them plan the co-incident by the look of their faces, i can assure u that...

erk, i guessss....

p/s...aku rasa spooked. psychic.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Breath in , breath out...

2 weeks of silence?

Should i recap my first real challenge being a doctor -breaking bad news to the family members?

I wish i could share with someone about this inferiority complex i suffered of late. i started to de-value myself and could not find anything worth about myself. Atypical of me but i'm not ashamed to admit.

A little thought- Would i be missed if i die?

Headache and cough are little nuisance to the already hectic life.

I missed having an ample time to sit down and think before typing.

I want to scream out loud!

I need a hug.

Fingers off.

Ya Allah, ampunkan segala dosaku.