Monday, June 24, 2013

It's a BOY!

**Long overdue entry, more than a year later**

Yes, the title deserved the exclamation mark because throughout this pregnany, 99% of ppl guessed that I was carrying a girl, i almost filled in all pink-purple in the shopping basket.. 

 Anyway just to re-cap on 250513 So the contraction pain woke me up around 1.20am. It was stronger than before and there were bloody show as i knew this time it's for real...Being primid (it's having first birth in laymen term), i know it's gonna take a long while so i tried to sleep it off. Ok, not easy this time as the surge became stronger and after all the wait I was all excited (to get it over and done with)..As husb was too tired driving last night (bringing home the much-awaited Moses basket), he slept at MIL's house about 15 mins away from ours..Tried to call him but no answer so I just msg-ed him... Went to my parents' room but didnt wake mum up. I just lie there trying to sleep bcos i knew the moment i announced that it's the real birth this time, my mum would insist for hospital trip. The surges were still irregular but moderate intensity..still bearable..I knew i need to sleep becos i would need the energy later. 

 I felt my mum's hand on my forehead around 4am..So i told her that i was having pain but let's wait after Subuh. Managed to convince her but i just could not lie down anymore becos the surge became stronger and more frequent..I walked around while reciting surah's and prayers from the book..Both parents were up also and praying solat hajat for me. Husb called back around 5am so i told him the situation and advised him to be here after Subuh..I continued with my routine and paused in between the surges. Around 5.30am, Husb knocked on our door and accompanied me dealing with the surges..also in between his nap, heheh We all got ready after subuh and set off around 7am after having Nasi Berlauk for breakfast. Not my favourite menu but I forced it in for the sake of fueling in the energy.

It was only 3cm dilated so i was admitted into the ward. Mum, younger sis and husb went to the mall so i took chance for a quick nap..Alhamdulillah, i slept for almost 2 hours. Woke up around 2pm and continued dealing with the surges. I did everything i read from the book- squatting , hip swing while clocking my surges. I continued reciting ayat's throughout.. My lunch was Burger King (you know what ppl say about confinement food, right? so yeah, i stuffed myself for the last time)

By 4 o'clock, the surges was stronger and at regular interval of 10 mins. I knew it's time for Labour Room but decided to wait for Asar and my dinner from hosp. Yes, need to conserve anergy for the final push. Dr Su called in to ask about my contraction and to check for dilatation. 

Around 5pm, husb brought me to the LR and how glad i was to stayed in the room for as long as i can since the LR suite was much smaller than anticipated. 

Anyhow, the dilatation was 4cm with strong regular contraction so ARM (artificial ruptured membrane) was performed. Husb and mum kept me company alternately. I couldnt move so much so i lied there reciting surah's and taking in the surges . Alhamdulillah, the pain was bearable so no mention of painkiller. (yes, i tolerated dull aching pain much better than sharp pricking pain so not a big fan of needle and syringe)

After helping me with Jama' Maghrib and Isya, husb went for his Maghrib prayer. Mummy (my SIL's mum) arrived. FYI, she had been my mum's saviour whenever her daughter is in labour  (in reference to my elder sis with 3 children) as my mum herself could not bear looking at us in labour pain. Mummy was so much helpful helping me to calm down and get ready to push. It wasnt easy because i tolerated the pain so much that i didnt have the urge to push. Gah!

So mummy taught me about breathing technique in between contraction. I requested to wait for my husb before starting to push and the CTG machine indicated that my baby was so so ready to be delivered (subtle way to say that he was bradycardic during contraction-meaning his head was already engaged down there).

So the final business started at around 8.20pm . Alhamdulillah, everything settled at around 8.50pm and i received a kiss on the forehead from my husb. 

Let me tell u something, being a doctor did not certify us to be an experienced mother in labour. It took my colleague's words in my mind to teach me how to push, yeah..wasnt easy ok=p

Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah. My prayer for painless natural birth was answered ..

Disclaimer: this is nothing to do with THE infamous natural birth, it simply means no instrument or operation room was involved during the whole process)


Bakul oh bakul...

14/4: Woke up with fatique and dreading the evening shift..Irregular contraction while attending majlis kesyukuran of Husb's colleague. I still have another 3 days to go before my maternity leave but could this be THE sign? So went up to PAC and it was 1cm with Brackston Hicks contraction, but our O&G colleague advised us for to go back by tomorrow if we're planning to deliver in KB. So it was 2 days MC and after discussion (considering Husb was post-call), we decided to wait until tomorrow morning and finished up packing our stuff. Ma and adik arrived later that night as they had to de-tour from KL to Ipoh (no Penang trip for them, heheh!)

15/4: There's not enough space in the car boot for this bakul so we had to leave it behind...after all, it's just a bakul..isnt it? Contraction was still irregular and mild.

Arrived home around 3pm. Freshened up and took a nap. After Asar, decided to go to hosp for check-up. I was psyched that i am in labour so went for my so-called last treat of nasi kerabu and ayam percik (even had quick window shopping at Wakaf Che Yeh)..

Again, it was just 2cm with mild contraction so was admitted while waiting for labour. Tossing and turning in the ward, damn bored. No more contraction. d'uh!

16/4: Nothing happened. So requested for discharge and went to MIL's later that evening.

17/4: Nothing happened yet..just lazing around at home and MIL's..feasted on watermelon and kuih-muih

18/4: Decided to go to KB Mall together with adik as they said walking would fasten the labour but boy, I was literally dragging my feet and feeling out of breath after just a few mins inside the mall. So we ended up in Secret Recipe and Burger King..

19/4: ohh, last day before Husb went back for work.."pls pls baby, come out today". In desperate measure, I went for traditional massage with 'bidan kampung'. Dont worry, nothing vigorous over my tummy.

20/4: oh dear, baby was still comfortable inside and Husb left for oncall later that evening..huhuhu, we concluded that the baby wanted to wait for the bakul before coming out to see the much for grand arrival, ey?

21/4: Husb called and informed that instead of tomorrow, he had to stay for another oncall and will only be back on Wednesday which was 2 days post-date..

22/4: I talked the baby off to wait for his dad instead..Thank God he listened this time..

23/4: Due date..Lazed around at home for another round of watermelon feast..

24/4: Went for check up at TMC clinic..CTG was reactive but AFI showed oligohydraminos (reduced liquor) so I had to be induced tomorrow. Called husband to inform and he was on the way back.

25/5: Husb arrived at MIL around 12am together with the bakul and I woke up at 1.20am with show and strong contraction.
So, this is it..

40 weeks and 2 days

Eid 2012: 6 weeks pregnant

It was 3 months after the miscarriage, sooner than i expected but of course warmly and humbly welcomed by both of us. The bell rang when i became forgetful (pregnancy fog brain!) and had severe headache for 2 consecutive days. The first UPT was very faint, in fact i thought it was merely false positive (just 3 days late, d'uh!) The 2nd one was a little bit more convincing but still, it could be false positive.  The 3rd was done more thoroughly with another kit for placebo comparison..hehe, all those kits were courtesy of Secondary Triage (pls dont tell my boss, ok;))

I broke the news to your Abi just 2 days before Eid..then to the rest of the family members. Cik Da and Cik Ha were getting curious when your Abi stopped me from jumping around when we all gathered at Tokma's...So, it was a joyous Eid for both of us because of your presence and the first time celebrated together as we were at work the year earlier...

Week 6: Auntie Zila was pregnant as well, yay alhamdulillah. Ok, her EDD was just a day earlier than mine.LOL. At work, I could function as usual but i still had to settle for Ranitidine/Maxalon/ drip during one morning shift.

Week 7:  Went to Kulim and had family day out with Cik Ha's at AEON Derga and enjoyed Nandos.

Herbalife shakes really helps with morning kick off and Herbalife peach teamix with aloe concentrate saved most of the days from morning sickness. I was really grateful for the change from previous experience. The first scan on 4/9/2012 at PAC and later on went to register 'kad merah' at KK Jitra

Week 8: I had to go for my 1st antenatal check up alone as your Abi had to work..and yes, i sulked for 2 days for that reason. The truth is, i was having de-javu from my previous loss =( Good news was my energy level still good despite mild morning sickness, even my colleagues made noticed it.

Week 9-11: I did my own weekly ultrasound in the greenzone consultation just to make sure there's heart beart. Paranoid much , huh..
Week 12: Rainbow Nite

 Week 11: Tokma, Tokbah and Cikda drove up to Kulim and we had fun with them, trying out Cikda's kebaboomm.
Tagged along Abi to Anaesthetic's Rainbow Nite...ok, i seriously considering putting up 'I am not fat but pregnant' over my tiny baby bump that showed off with the dress.

Week 12: Our first road trip with you to KL for CikDa's was great family time again...managed to meet up with Uncle Brahem and Auntie Fizah over yummy-exotic Middle East cuisine.. The day we return back, we attended our next ANC-could see your heart beat and tiny movement now..

Week 13: The next day i had bleeding but thank God, i didnt panic. I even thought of keeping mum and waited for increasing amount or abdominal pain but senior MO urged to go for check up at PAC. True enough, it was threatened abortion. Offered 2 weeks MC by O&G colleague but I thought  1 week would do, hehe (baiikkk je kan?) . And oh boy, how sleepyhead i became and bedtime became as early as 9pm..

Week 14: Now let's say Hello to Bio Oil  (stretchmark alert!) I hadn't noticed any actually but strongly believed that prevention is always better than cure. The only complaints were heartburn and bloatedness

Week 15: another self-ultrasound with Auntie Fid, could see your hand resting on your cheek. You're so active inside! By now, i swear by Herbalife shakes and Aloe Concentrate to help with my indigestion

Week16: Auntie Liyana's wedding (and funnily enough, the bride is not in the picture)

Week 16: Bigger (and more noticeable) bump with accompanying pelvic pain. Made a trip to KL to attend Auntie Liyana's birthday. Then a quick stop at IKEA and shopping for maternity pants..

Week 17: Toodles morning sickness (yey..!). Another round of ANC scan together with your Abi went well. Now, it's craving for durian..heheh..could easily eat a few in a go...

Week 18: Herbalife's  event in Bukit Gambang
Week 18:  Was it someone just passing gas from inside??! hehe..Another road trip to Kuantan for Herbalife's Changing People's Lives at Bukit Gambang Resort. That marked my 6th years with Herbalife. The next day we were joined by Tokma, Tokbah and CikDa..paid visit to Tokbah's friend and stayed overnight at our relative's..

Week 19: ok, quickening dated 28/11/2012..a tiny knock from inside telling me about your existence..cute!

Week 20: Went for detail scan and was given a chance to see you via're comfortably resting on your 'bestfriend' (placenta). Alhamdulillah, the report from the detail scan didnt show anything to worry about. Celebrated our 2nd anniversary, 031210...a simple dinner of Chinese cuisine at Holiday Villa Hotel. 

Week 21: Our first balik kampung since Eid fiesta as usual and received a few jubah from Tokma to fit this expanding waistline...

Week 24: Home..

Week 22: Family visit from Tokma, Tokbah and Cikda..I was busy running errand. We also decided to buy a house which was 3 units away from our current rented house.Alhamdulillah, it was a good decision for i love the neighbourhood, the spacious frontyard and its closeness to most facilities..

Week 23: Emergency leave during CNY because your Nenek fell sick. She was admitted to Hosp Machang and later transferred to HRPZ . It was tiring going back and forth to the hosp but as blessing in disguise, more family time with CikHa's ;)

Week 28: Trip balik kampung for solat hajat, both at your Abi's and Ummi' was a simple event attended by close family members..went for Burger King's at KB mall, a good substitute to Mc'D.

Week 29: We went for the usual ANC.You now weighed 1kg As always, i would remind my O&G colleague not to bother about your gender because we want it to be a suprise...but 95% of family and friend guessed that you're gonna be a girl!
Week 31: Langkawi Trip

Week 30: Langkawi trip with your Abi, Aunty Zila and Aunty TJ, a long awaited trip for the girls. We were housemates back in Evelyn St, Melb. For 2 days 1 night stay, we went from laksa at the airport( ohh, highly recommended for its great background seaview and treat to the tastebud) to shopping mall to Bamboo restaurant (another highly recommended eating outlet, pls try their blackpepper beef) to Haji Ismail Group. I bought chocs and surveyed for Corelle .
Week 32: KL trip

Week 32: Your Abi was oncall on his birthday so celebration was during our KL was a full-on schedule, tiring but fun as CikDa joined us most of the days.
 Day 1: Bigbad Wolf (crazy dirt cheap books sale!)  then BubbaGump treat at Sunway.
Day 2: Motherhood Expo at KLCC (i went crazy over cutesie rompers and other stuffs for u ) then Mothercare sale at Midvalley. Later met up with Aunty Peah over Tony Roma's
Day 3: IKEA trip for the new house and The Curve for Paddington's Pancake. Visited your cousin, Hannah Khadeeja later of the day and stopped over at Kakcik's crib. That night we went to Auntie Effie's wedding at Dewan Perdana Felda. A fun reunion with my Monash frens.
Day 4: spent time with Ayah Ngah's family then wedding of Auntie Ajla so another Monash reunion..met up Auntie Zarin who's carrying a baby boy with EDD 1 month later than us.

Week 33: Another round of ANC. You weighed 2.45, a spurt of almost 1.5kg within a month's period *gasp* must've been the food feast during KL trip, hehe..

Week 34-37: Waiting game. Filled in the time with laundry and reading books, also last mins online shopping for the feeding equipments and baby book. Your clothes basket and bassinet also ready to be picked up, they're actually hands-down from Abang Aqil.
Week 38: Last ANC check up. You weight remained static 2.6kg..A bit of worry but other parameters were normal. So its still good to go for normal delivery.

Week 40: Herbalife throughout pregnancy, Alhamdulillahh
Week 39: Home for delivery.