Friday, June 22, 2012

Travelogue Beijing part 4

Day 4 was full of events/places to visit. Our first stop was at Jade Centre. Was actually looking for a Jade bangle but couldnt find anything that interest me. Its either the price was rocket sky high or wasnt really to my liking.

Next destination was Crystal Shop. I bought a sunglasses made from crystal, let's see whether it's truly scratch-free as demonstrated to us earlier.

Our final and the highlight of this: The Great White Wall. It was schorching hot afternoon so we decided to climb it at own our pace, and yes we made a 'u-turn' even before reaching the 1st pit stop. hehehe..Gayat kot nak panjat tangga curam tuh...It was a breath taking experience though and i really admired those who made to the the other end of hill (apparently we could see ppl making their way across the hill..)