Friday, June 22, 2012

Travelogue Beijing part 4

Day 4 was full of events/places to visit. Our first stop was at Jade Centre. Was actually looking for a Jade bangle but couldnt find anything that interest me. Its either the price was rocket sky high or wasnt really to my liking.

Next destination was Crystal Shop. I bought a sunglasses made from crystal, let's see whether it's truly scratch-free as demonstrated to us earlier.

Our final and the highlight of this: The Great White Wall. It was schorching hot afternoon so we decided to climb it at own our pace, and yes we made a 'u-turn' even before reaching the 1st pit stop. hehehe..Gayat kot nak panjat tangga curam tuh...It was a breath taking experience though and i really admired those who made to the the other end of hill (apparently we could see ppl making their way across the hill..)

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awesome blossom said...

oh, tengok gambar pun dah boleh terasa betapa panas nya kat great wall tu. bersilau mata :)

a lot of my friends yg beli jade kat china ended up terbeli yg palsu eventhough they pay very pricey pice for it. like thousands of ringgit, brrrr.. jade is very hard to check for authenticity with naked eye. you have to check at the lab. so good thing you did not buy one :)