Saturday, June 27, 2009


Now it’s time to share with you people the business opportunity I was talking about some time ago before i went fo umrah.
After I successfully introduce HERBALIFE to the people around me, I look out for another side income that not only will give me financial freedom but also will change my life.

Then I was introduced to the company by a colleague. At first I was nonchalant but after listening to its company, product and marketing plan, I knew it’s one in a lifetime chance.

Being a businesswoman, I’ve always consider these 3 component before making my first step.


# The company has established itself within 17 years and counting
# Listed in the Main Board of KLSE
#Accredited by Kementerian Perdagangan Dalam Negeri (KPDN)
#Accredited by MARA for producing MALAY millionaires every year.
#Benefits not only CASH MONEY but also DESIGNER WATCH, CAR ALLOWANCE and FREE OVERSEA TRIP (all in my wish list…)

# Accredited as SUPERBRAND
# 1 year warranty for BIO-AURA
#Nano technology that allows water to detoxify our body efficiently
# The alkaline water that will neutralise acidic environment in our body ( and the closest pH to our holy Zamzam..)
# Excellent review through television and magazines (that I don’t have to do the talking much..)

MARKETING PLAN (the most CONTRIBUTING FACTOR for my decision to join)
#Very simple and easy to follow
# The investment in only once in a lifetime ( not yearly or even monthly)
# Only 3 STEPS for a stable and PASSIVE income
# Only 10 SETS and 4 BUSINESS PARTNER in a lifetime to be successful
# Hundreds of MALAYS have become millionaires following the system

When I first attend the weekly get-together aka training, I had an eye-opening experience. I met a lot of successful people who have climbed up the ladder and enjoy a new life. I’m not talking about ex-CEO or professionals here but humble clerk /pembantu am rendah, attendant hospital and staff nurse. They earn a lot more than I do being a government servant and enjoy better life. I see determination and strong will in their face, deep inside I feel ‘challenged’ ( in a good way).

I have a lot of dreams- for myself, beloved family and to contribute to the community. I cannot fulfill my these dreams with my job alone. Furthermore, Rasulullah once said that 9 out of 10 of rezeki is from business. Last but not least, seeing many people (and most importantly MALAYS) as the living proof of this business..I decided to make it as my choice of life. The first one was receiving my first month bonus worth 4K so I‘m looking forward for more.

Here I am, inviting you to be part of this life changing experience. Do contact me if u wanna know more. We’ll achieve our DREAMS together..

~A flower doesn't turn toward the sun because it needs to, but because it wants to, and so the process is effortless and joyful. ~

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Cricket moments...

Diam lebih baik dari berkata-kata

When you have nothing good to say, just keep quiet

That's what i believe now. Learning in hard way, words can be very hurtful. I choose to go on silent instead of repeating myself. After all, it's just me being emotional.

I choose to block stay in control with my thoughts and focus on other things in life instead. I want to keep on believing and avoid sour feeling that will stop it from coming.

Ok then. Bye

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Being a chronic HO in public hospital allows me a limited time for other things in life but that's not gonna be the topic of discussion here..

Instead, i have this list of events that i am looking forward or planning to do in between on calls and running around the ward...

1. Resume exercise

I have two options of going for a brisk walk at the park or taking up tae-box again so i choose the latter as it can be done at my own convenience. For a start, i brought the gymball to the house and tomorrow will search for the tae-box dvd among the stacks. Actually, i've been doing tae-box way back in Melbourne and i think it's time to feel the adrenaline rush again. See, my working environment (and location) may not permit me to sign up for gym membership but i need my endorphin daily doses to keep me happy (and glowing).

2. Round trip to Ipoh

I have been promising my beloved auntie a visit so it will be next month, insya Allah. hopefully, it will also include my younger sister and my mum. Her house has always been my favourite 'rest-house' with an almost complete collection of DVD's and easy access to good food. Also looking forward to some serious and personal talk with one of my favourite cousin.

3. Family day at greenery

My father owns an orchard completed with kolam ikan so next weekend, my paternal side will be organising our family day there with almost 9 families get together. I will be post call and most probably doze off under the hut, wake up in time for lunch..heheh..that's the beauty of having big family with aunties ready to pamper me off..

4. Massive shopping spree

U read me right there. I'm planning to do some massive shopping spree. Retail therapy will never fail to make a girl happy, that's a known fact. I missed doing laps of round at the shopping malls with my girls. Hopefully i can find shopping partners for this mission.

Happy Feeling..stay with me!


I have a confession to make..


It's time to erase the 'No-Shopping-Unless-I'm-Travelling-Policy' out of my resolution for this year..hahahhahah

That's because i have a long list of things to buy and i miss doing shopping spree..the latest proof was yesterday when i bought 4 set of baju kurung and a beach dress while accompanying Farina's mother.impromptu.

Here's my list for this month alone
1. TV 24' inch for our living room.
2. Double bed for my room
3. Aircond for my room
4. Treat mum a handphone for her birthday.
5. Bedside table x 2
6. Railing for my working attire
7. 'Best of Life' board

and next month, i'm planning to top up my working pants, pattern scarf and baju kurung plus a practical black handbag. So the next best thing to do is to spring-clean my wardrobes (again?) because it's already overflowing..

Money, money...come to me!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

3 Days in Heaven...

Day 1

I woke up early for no reason. While waiting for my nephews to wake up, i found myself reading through the autograph book dated back in 1999- the book we created for our friends before leaving SSP.. i had a long story with this book, actually waited for almost 10 years since i left school to get hold of it back..but the patience paid off..

As i flipped through the pages, i smiled, laughed out loud and at times couldnt help myself from sighing in deep regret. it truly touched me to see how much effort these people put up into the pages and how i was remembered as back was funny how some of us(ehem, highlight to the headgirl!) could actually dreamhigh..

Deep inside, i could not ignore my regret for not being able to keep some of them close through the years.. we drifted apart, no thanks to the time and distance. hopefully the coming 10th years anniversary will give me a chance to fix at least some, if not all.

So i spent the rest of the day doing some shopping spree at The Curve-Ikea-Ikano.. i must say i was not even half done with my shopping despite the long 4 hours but there'll always be next time... the No-Shopping-Unless-I'm-Travelling policy is still valid i think, or at least i'd like to believe so.. I've listed few items for my brother to bring home from Ikea too..

I called it a day at 9pm. ngeee..

Day 2

She's my confidante, i promised myself to make it to her wedding and i'm glad i did. I went to Port Dickson with Ms. Z and Aneesa on a longgggggggggggg journey.. was it the Suarasa or Hani-Izhar's wedding that created the massive traffic, we wonder ;) It's amazing to realise that i actually waited for more than 6 years to meet both girls (and Dyian actually, as we bump into her at Alamanda) again. We hugged each other, congratulated on the good news and shared lotsa stories on our way to the reception. We thought we got lost on the highway (Along, i would've called you if i have ur number to ask the direction...hehehe) but he assured me that we're not through the phone. As agreed, the map was meant for Serembanites o.n.l.y;)

Hani-Izhar looks gorgeous alongside Adzreil but pardon me for not bringing my camera along...we had a heartful lunch by the beach (oh yes, u read me right!) and a familiar face hi-ed us in was Cikgu Zarina, our dearest teacher back in IB..

Day 3

I made a plan with Cik Tun to visit Norma and her new little munchkin...the Zara Jr. was gorgeous!! also met up with Effie there, as pretty as she always been.

By noon, i'm home again to spend time with my dearest nephews before i left for hometown...

Will be back in August!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Kisah lepak...

Both were heading to the deer cage at the park...

Aku: hmmm, ape beza ek rusa dengan seladang??

Dia: *turn around with a bewildered look* makcik! seladang tuh macam lembu...hahahha

Aku: *erk* ohhhh ek??

Dia: hahaha, i tau lah u bukan doktor haiwan=p

Aku: *rolled eyes*

*someone got a good punch afterwards*


It's past 11pm and i'm post-call.

I wished there's more time to finish up my draft for the last weekend activity and to come up with more entries. Promise, i'll try better next time..


and all the very best to you..