Saturday, June 20, 2009


Being a chronic HO in public hospital allows me a limited time for other things in life but that's not gonna be the topic of discussion here..

Instead, i have this list of events that i am looking forward or planning to do in between on calls and running around the ward...

1. Resume exercise

I have two options of going for a brisk walk at the park or taking up tae-box again so i choose the latter as it can be done at my own convenience. For a start, i brought the gymball to the house and tomorrow will search for the tae-box dvd among the stacks. Actually, i've been doing tae-box way back in Melbourne and i think it's time to feel the adrenaline rush again. See, my working environment (and location) may not permit me to sign up for gym membership but i need my endorphin daily doses to keep me happy (and glowing).

2. Round trip to Ipoh

I have been promising my beloved auntie a visit so it will be next month, insya Allah. hopefully, it will also include my younger sister and my mum. Her house has always been my favourite 'rest-house' with an almost complete collection of DVD's and easy access to good food. Also looking forward to some serious and personal talk with one of my favourite cousin.

3. Family day at greenery

My father owns an orchard completed with kolam ikan so next weekend, my paternal side will be organising our family day there with almost 9 families get together. I will be post call and most probably doze off under the hut, wake up in time for lunch..heheh..that's the beauty of having big family with aunties ready to pamper me off..

4. Massive shopping spree

U read me right there. I'm planning to do some massive shopping spree. Retail therapy will never fail to make a girl happy, that's a known fact. I missed doing laps of round at the shopping malls with my girls. Hopefully i can find shopping partners for this mission.

Happy Feeling..stay with me!

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aida cy said...

im the younger sister..
hai kak nur :P