Saturday, October 31, 2009



I find it a lot easier to read from one blog to another than updating mine... It's either too much to keep as secret or it's all the same old routine...

So here i am, forcing myself to let it out a bit.

I would have been all jumpy and excited for the coming Glitz' Night if not for these two things that'll happen beforehand

Monday: VIVA assessment

Wednesday: CME presentation..

Although this isnt the first time for the past 2 years, but for some reason i find orthopaedic is asking a bit too much of me thus creating unnecessary anxiety. These surgeons intimidate me with this meticulous and very technical way of explaining things. The frustration over being taken for granted shall not be elaborated here.

I do not aim high, i am happy to be (at least a little bit above) average. It's a valid feeling when you're surrounded by negative environment and you just wanna prove urself something.

Only after i'm done with these two, i will be able to

-Find glittery legging and bling bling accesories

-Trim my hair

-Play with make up

Come Thursday quick!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Little happiness

1. After 7 years, i reunited with my lovely Peah. We spent 6 hours strolling down the mall with what we did best: talking and shopping. Ohh, i so lovee my little dress for the coming SSP9599 dinner.. i'll see u in UK next year insya Allah.

2. Family gathering went well in Ipoh. We crash landing at our aunt's crib and had fun: BBQ and trip to the Lost World of Tambun.. but for the guys, they definitely enjoys Jirami the most...

3. They say love is about giving, so i started with Al-Fatihah after each prayer to the future partner. That's actually a tip given by my good fren and i find it comforting.

4. I'm submitting my name for Beijing's trip in December, insya Allah.

5. There will be another family trip to Bandung in January next year..i secretly wish i will have a good news by then so that i can do massive shopping . ngeh!

I know, it took me a almost a month to came out of this un-planned hiatus. Everytime i sat down with my laptop, i took my own sweet time to blog-hop and stuff so by the time i thought i should be updating this space, i gave up.

But a short entry of happiness is a lot better than endless writing of grumbles, i think=)