Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Today is my birthday and i want pressie pressie pressie!


Thanks for all the well wishes and warm thought...I was on call last night and didnt even apply for a holiday today to celebrate...not that i plan to anyway...some quality time with my family would be something i'm grateful for.

Anyway, there's this conversation i wanna share and a reflection of how my life's been for the past year i wish i could write it down... perhaps some other time..

Now i'm looking forward for more happiness and gratitude in my life..i hope so does you;)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Hear me out...



I can sit down and write. I was so full on since early of this month, i have to make a mental note of what to share this time but bear in mind, it's so gonna be random..

Sugar darling, I'm so sorry i can't make it to ur wedding reception...would love to be there and witness the most important ceremony in ur life but logistic reason is such an issue. Nonetheless, there's something i'd like u to have as a combo for ur wedding and birthday present. tinggalkan alamat ye cos aku malas nak godek2 carik kad jemputan kahwin ko tuh...it's nothing big but i hope u'll like it;)

Peon, satu hari semasa aku tengah drive nak balik rumah aku terfikir

"Eh, kenapa peon tak ajak Anuar Zain ek untuk entertain masa wedding reception nti?

I'm sure so many of us would agree to this thought kan? eheh...

Tapi bahaya gak tau cos for sure he'll steal ur limelight...

Eh tapi, menariklaaa makan2 sambil dengar suara dia menyanyi secara life...

Now i have 2 birthday-month-mates in my family. First was on 10th of Dec- proudly named after our late grandfather; Ikram Hamzah. The most awaiting princess made her way shortly few days after that and the parents finally agreed on this lovely name after endless suggestion from us (remember, she's our first niece so that explains...)- Hanin Zahraa


Me: wahhhh hanin zahraa ke? best2..sama dengan nama kawan nur, hanin..

My sister: ohhhh, ye ke...baik tak dia?

Me: baiikkkk sgt... pastu ramai orang berkenan *grin*

Mum: *muka cuak*

LOL....jangan marah hanin;)


For the past month, i have to deal with sleepless night and never got around with it, yet.

headache, sore throat, dry cough....

Another 3 months to go unless i can finally make a decision of whether to settle down with this profession or not, it'll be life long..

When does baby gonna stop popping out???


I received my 1st birthday card from my trust fund agent days before the day itself...

Yeay, my birthday's coming soonn!!!

Actually, i secretly make an advanced birthday wish a few months ago...something i know would make me complete but as the day nearing, i'm *this close* to give up... i dont think the little pink things on my teeth is any reason for that*chuckles* but i guess, i just have to wait a little longer. Don't worry, Allah has always been gracious to me and things always happen at the perfect time with the perfect person.

Put that aside, i should proceed with a materialistic birthday wish *shining eyes*

-2 bottles of perfume. One for my home and another is to leave at the kuarters. Yes, a few miniature would do for travelling too..Something refreshing, something subtle.

-Working pants * rolled eyes all u want*. I know, i never seem to have enough working attire but i do because remember, i work 7 days a week not including few nites a month..I've been wearing the ones i bought in Melb so i guess after a year, they shuld have some replacement.

-Fleece and wool. I hate being in the labour room for the only reason: i cannot stand cold...huhuhu, pain to the bones..so i have to warm myself up before i leave my patients unattended because i am too numb to move, eheh.

-New camera. Nothing's wrong with my old one, i'm just bored with it and want something new-sleek and light.

-Anklet. Hmm, my mum doesnt approve to this though=(

-More printed scarfs. For the same reason as of the working pants' ;)

-Square-shaped watch.

-More bags and shoes wouldn't hurt...lalalala

-Membership to swimming pool and gymnasium.

-Time to read my story books. So far, i only manage to finish up one book from my purchase at the MPH warehouse and it's not fun at all...I even have a few more books i'm planning to have soon

Ops, the last one's kinda drifted from the main list..

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


No, i simply leave it at that.

It's best not to make any decision when i am not convinced.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Black vs White

So, how?

I dont know..i'm happy with my life at the moment..i dont wanna get hurt again and i'm scared.

Sure..but why not give him another chance?

For what?

Ermm....i dont know..for the sake of good ol' friendship?


After all, aren't we soo over it? maybe u can take it as a step ahead and prove it to urself.

But life is good enough without..

I know...


1. 3 days and 2 nites is good enough if u just wanna do shopping

2. Make sure u bring good amount of kacing unless u have high resistance ..i am definitely not the one;)

3. Watch out for those fake strawberries and other berries up at bekas kawah berapi...semuanya tuh dicelup dengan air gula, thus sweet stalk and leaves too.

4. Nasi uduk is the best!

5. I had my 1st spa treatment at Roger's (note to peon!) hehe...

Thursday, November 27, 2008



I'm off to Bandunggg..


Saturday, November 22, 2008

Taggie 1

Ini khas untuk Darling Anis...

Take a recent picture of yourself or take a picture of yourself right NOW!.
DON'T change your clothes, DON'T fix your hair...just take a picture.
Post that picture with NO editing.
Post these instruction with you
r picture.
Tag 10 people to do this

Here are the rules:
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Jeng jeng jeng!!

this the best i can come up with, unless korang nak tgk gambar aku tido ternganga:p

1. I can never go back to sleep again after subuh unless i was so worn out or it was summer.

2. I was a spoilt brat and drama queen during childhood.

3. I wanna be a professor.

4. Saya tak boleh makan kerang nanti sakit kepala dan loya.

5. I love being with my family and girlfriends so much.

6. I look forward to own and decorate my house.

7. Saya nak kahwin tahun depann..

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


first of all,


'Be careful what u wish for cos u might get it'...

in my case, what i thot would be...

omg, nak gelak lagi sekali


No, i'm not annoyed or envious but rather jelek and sebal...


geli pun ada....

eh dah dah...tukar cerita lain

*delete the contact number images from brain memory*

i've been fumbling a lot, like i always did that throw me and my gay partner bestie into laughing fit...we also had this habit of cracking stupid jokes before dozing off that makes us indifferent from those ppl with mania the next day in hosp because we'll be repeating our jokes and start having laughing fit all over again...

i managed to catch up with TJ in the middle of bowling last night and Melb next year sounds like a plan...aminnnnn..


meeting up with dentist-next

karaoke with family-next

bowling trip-next

last day in surgery-next

trip to bandung-next!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


thanks to peon, zila, farina and liyana for making it to my open hse...hope u enjoy the food and it's always been fun sitting around with u girls...peon, pls be careful next time? hehehehe...klaka laaaa=D

i managed to restrain myself from shopping during the last trip and went to watch the new J Bond's movie and Madagascar..the latter was so hillarious, we the family had good laugh...

the ad hoc bowling event was fun too..sporting crowd and heaps of funny moments...will have more of this in the future, i hope...

going for a swim after work tomorrow...now, where could i get a decent swimming suit in short time?

braces? heheh..cuaknyee...

karaoke with siblings?? lalalala...

lately ppl's been commenting on my facial expression. my smiley face while walking or reading the sms to be exact..erm, the details are unnecessary but i simply find the whole situation is rather funny. ok, the attention will never fail to flatter but its totally unnecessary. playing hard to catch is not by choice but rather inevitable..hahaha.

i'm so done lah. try it on other chick...

Monday, November 10, 2008


Thank You Allah.

Working in this surgical department is like living as a big family.

Mr. Surgeons' are the combination of supercool but committed father figures. They advises, teaches and care for us just like what our father's being doing for us in life. They'll correct us but no hard feeling attached. Some would be favourites than the other for their humour and easy going personality...

Ms. Surgeons' been doing what mum would do, nagging! hahahha..kidding of course ;) even if they do, nobody took it the wrong way..simply smile and they hardly remember what they've been rambling soon afterwards..heheh..one could be a great source of gossip while she talks to the patients...you know, the social history of clerking;)

Mr. MO? *rolled eyes*
hahaha, the craziest bunch of kid grown-ups i've ever encountered..very funny, very auta, very understanding and very approachable..oh god, u shuld seen them in their playful mode among each other...seriously entertaining...not to say they dont bully just like what brothers enjoy to do but it's totally for the fun of life...as for the harmless flirt, i'm cool with it ;)

'Dont worry lah, u'r just like my brother..'


Ms. MO? the sisters of gossip..hahahah..we shared oncall rooms, jokes and food. source of comfort and guidance..we take care for each other happily..

this atmosphere has actually been my reason for smiles, grins and laughs.

ahh dear.. i've got 2 more weeks for this..will definitely embrace the memories and keep it well.

Thank you Allah.

Saturday, November 8, 2008




I'm very2 sorry for a very long silence....got carried away with job and social activities..heheh

Alhamdulillah, i've got pouring orders and a lot of exciting testimonials...among all

-My auntie who lost 4kg with her 1st pack of HL

-My client's son who went from size 40 to 36

-'Dia kata dia dah kurang mkn. So far mmg nmpk dah kurang melahap sgt dah. MIL ckp dah nmpk dia susut skit'

as for myself, i couldn't help smiling in satisfaction whenever relatives and friends commented on my slim body during eid celebration...not meaning to be vain but it does boost up my esteem. i love feeling healthy and able to fit into most of the clothes without feeling snugly.

like last nite when i went for dinner organised by MMA, i saw my old fren whom i last met almost 2 years ago (exactly before i started on Herbalife actually) so i went up and hi-ed her. Later when i settled to my table, she came up to me and exclaimed

"Yattttttt!! kenapa ko kurus sgtt...jelesnyee aku!!"

I chuckled and shared with her the secret...i later handed her my business card and i'm sure she'll be making her first order soon..

Thank you HERBALIFE for giving me a chance to enjoy healthy life and share the joy with others!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Let me start with a huge, warm hug.
Ok, now here's my two cents

I love you Yatt and I think you are a wonderful person - do you know that u have this vibrance that just lights up any gloomy sky? just by ur chatter and laughter. And the love you have in ur heart - for ur nephews and nieces, for your girlfrens and for that person (i'm tempted to register his as blind). You have so much love in you my dear, please not let that goes to waste.

Like you said, let's just live on. Love yourself Yatt.First. That's what I have learnt from my failures. Sometimes we let some people stay in our life too long, occasionally bringing us more misery than smiles.
We asked His Guidance, and we look for His Ayah(signs) and we be content to what He has Decreed on us. There's so much evil things I can do to him Yatt (seriously) but then like you said we're not vengeful. This is not how we fight our own Badr. I prefer the "so what" attitude.

Yatt, you have been strong all these years. Stay strong. You have our love and our prayers. Embrace life with your big heart and that innerself who's always dancing. Like a cliche, he really doesn't deserve u.

Love always.


Thanks, babe. I'm forever grateful that i have you in my life.


Terima kasih ya Allah..

Aku sentiasa senyum dan gelak ...

Ada saje yg menggelikan hati, membuatkan aku tersenyum puas atau ketawa mengilai2 riang...

Nak cerita satu persatu, sakit mulut aku tahan gelak bila habis menulis nanti...

Tip off's: ada yang risau bila aku jalan menonong tunduk bawah dan tak pandang kiri kanan. eh, aku kan pemalu???

*muka tak faham*

Kalaupun ada ketika terasa geram, aku bayangkan aku terguling2 atas lantai sambil hentak2 kaki ...terus tersenyum..

Takde kena mengena dengan sesiapa cuma aku terasa kurniaan Allah itu tak putus2...ada saja kegembiraan dan ketenangan yang DIA titipkan untuk aku..

keluarga. teman-teman.

Hidup sangat indah...

ok, aku dah penat fikir ayat dan nahu.

November's highlight...

7th: MMA dinner. so, what colour of tudung can match up with black top and white sarung (of kurung moden?) hmmm, kalu rajin sms la ur opinion cos i need to find one before tomorrow evening.hahah...i didnt expect anything grand, saje dah lama tak dress upattend formal function.

15th: makan2 at my bro's in Shah Alah. yup, i'll be in KL (again!) for that weekend. you're cordially invited as i am the co-host..ajak betul nih, bukan main2 tau;p kindly let me know if u're free and i'd be delighted to see u there...
ehem, reminder to self not to do any shopping for this trip!

28th: this is the reason to save up. BANDUNG! weeeeehoooooo=D

*lompat2 sambil tepuk tangan*

this will be all girls' trip (myself, auntie, sister, SIL) and i'm expecting great deals and bargains...pardon me if i splurge on myself this time, i sure deserve it rite?

spa and massage is in the list.

As for the ad-on wish list

-I'd love to have a mini library...nothing fancy, just a room with huge cabinet to display my books and a cosy couch...ahh, bliss!

-There's this lady's swimming session on Sunday and Wednesday at Kompleks Sekolah-Sekolah (to which i have no idea where it is.lol!) that i'd love to give it a try and hopefully make a healthy routine..

should i get exercise machine? i have treadmill in my mind....

i dream of a mini studio where i could have aerobic exercise and enjoy the adrenaline rush afterwards...a private one so that i can be comfortable with legging and tank top t-shirt.

-I wanna have a day with my KAMI girlfrens.

anywhere. anytime.

Monday, November 3, 2008


Erm, where should i start?


say, i had good holiday in KL...went crazy over MPH warehouse sales and got myself more than 10 books, had quick shopping spree with my girlfrens and enjoyed 'jalan-jalan cari makan' with my family...how i wish i could spend more time oggling items at shopping malls, would've been fantastic!


i was a bit worried that i might missed the bowling event as it actually took place on OT day which usually finished late. but hey, ladyluck was with me and we finished by 7pm, just in time for prayers and getting ready to go to the mall...the initial plan was to have dinner 1st but we're running late and got pretty excited to join in the lanes straight away....as always, it was full of jokes and laughter while catching up with colleagues from other department, not to mention getting to know few new ppl..hahah, even got treated with nice drink by our teammates...we're practically starving and drained tp nak seronok punye pasal, aci bolehhhh

it's great to see a consultant, not only good in cutting people's body but sporty enough to own a bowling set and impressed us with strikes and spares...


it's even better to oggle my dream guy (Ya Allah ya tuhanku, berikanlah aku bakal suami yg muka seperti dia dan baik hati sepertinyaaaa...aminnnn) from afar and had a small chat afterwards...

read: this dream guy is also my superior so we've been working comfortably together for quite a few times actually...


Friday, October 31, 2008



I have so many things to share and dream on here but u'd have to wait till next time cos i need to settle few other stuff first..

Let's see

-Reminisce the happy and joyful days' been for me

-Update my add-on wish list

-Heart-warming thoughts from one of the gems

-How's life has been as the surgical HO

-The one who laugh last, laugh the best...

later alligator!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Full on...

I realised that i'll be very occupied for the next few days...

Saturday: most likely, it'll be my shopping day with SIL..I'm thinking of finding a dress for the upcoming dinner, stock up my shoes, bags, tops and working pants..on top of that, lingeries and accesories would be essentials too.. i wish i could also find a square-shaped watch to my liking..

Sunday: have i ever told you how envious i was everytime i missed open house during raya while i was in Melb? oh yeah, even when i was in Msia actually cos it's not the usual celebration among Kelantanese (not that i have many Kelantanese frens anyway back then;p)..anyway, it's been my wish to attend open house once i come back to Msia and i'm glad i'm gonna make it this time..hoping to see many familiar faces in PJ and hopefully can proceed with my shopping trip afterwards..

Monday: another shopping trip? or ok, at least window shopping before making a plan to treat a fren ..on a second thought, i'd like to go to the
MPH Warehouse Sale instead..anyone offering me a lift? eheh...

Tuesday: ehem, it'll be nice if my SIL agreed to bring me to Metrojaya Warehouse Sales..later that night, i'll be heading back already...

Wednesday: My first day doing urological rotation..

Thursday: Yeay, I'll be playing bowling as organised by MMA...let's strike and have funnn!

Friday: I've managed to persuade my fren to hold a wild party housewarming party and the theme would be retro...any suggestion of what to mix and match?



'so...do you miss me?'


'honestly, do you miss me?'

'*chuckled*..err, i dont know..'

very funny *rolled eyes*....we're not in Grey's Anatomy i tell ya ;p

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I have 3 elder brother, 1 elder sister and 1 younger sister..you know that already, dont u? ;)

One day, i came up with these nickname based on their character in the family something like..

Abang Long=BOLD





suprisingly, the nickname matches their job...unlike the one left



now, make a guess of what these dearest people are actually doing for their life?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


So, i wrote her the promised email after contemplating for a few days mainly because i was too jingly with my dream wish and happy thought i'd rather not swap it with some bad memories. nonetheless, i think she deserved to know the ending.

To be honest i'm tempted to share it here but at this point of time, i prefer to keep things to myself. not because i dont wanna look like a sour loser or avoiding sympathy but i guess what happened, already happened.

I've move on.

There are so many good things coming up, i'm ready to roll on again!

- i am soooo gonna do shopping. after 2 months without, i've accumulated enough energy to swipe the plastic card take a tour around the mall and presented myself with good deals;)

-i'll make sure i get food treat while in KL. Farina's open house would be one of them...eheh. I'm thinking of Korean's and Western's this time...the lunch/dinner might be on me;)

-there's this bowling games among the colleagues next thursday and i'm submitting my name for it. anything in the name of sports, i'm in!

-charity dinner among the profesionals....let's dress up!


it sounds silly and funny but

'yati...jom buat round..'

'err...sarah ada?' (like hello, we're no longer in the same [surgical] team..)

'saya tak nak sarah....saya nak round dgn awak...'

hoh! mabuk dahhhhh..

i just rolled my eyes smiled and continued my work..

p/s..so girls, kindly change the link and url to my space...i'm so ready to face the world again.

dang ding dong!

Friday, October 17, 2008

As i wish...


My long wish list and dream....

1. A total make over of myself. I've started literally by creating a new comfy niche for myself, virtually (which is here) and in reality (that is the studio). i enjoy the half-body-length mirror, i still dig the love pattern of this background and look forward to more. next i shall proceed to my wardrobe which most likely to take place next weekend (mehrannnnn, i cant wait!). yes, i'd clear up some of my old stuff (mostly shoes and bags) to make way for the new blings ;p i did happened to suffer from shopaholic block (as in coming back from the shopping mall empty-handed;p) on rare occasion but i hope it wont happen this time...i'm planning to get statement t-shirts and pattern scarf to add colours to my wardrobe. more working attire wont hurt too;)

But the most meaningful experience would be a make over of inner self. I started it the day i learnt the heart-breaking truth. i treasured composure more than ever. if there's one thing i do more nowadays; it'd be the smile. i did that when ppl told me how mad they were with the slanders; after being scolded corrected by the senior doctors, while struggling with endless admission in the middle of the night and even to the decent flirt given by a colleague. it gives me a peace of mind, if not calms me down. either that or i keep in silent. the latter happened when i'm upset or feeling rather low, which i rarely let myself dwell for long now. i choose not to talk about the recent happening because i do not want to attract more of that, not because i wanna ignore ur concern and kind attention.

i wish for a pure heart full of love and gratitude, keen to give and believe in the best from Allah.

2.i love the thought of going for a holiday by the end of next month. i have two choices really, that is to be in Jakarta with my darling friend or simply wait for my aunt to plan a trip to Bandung. Either way, i'm excited. Travel and shopping ( also, food-tasting experience) is fanta-bulous!

3.i aim to weigh 50kg or less (pls, my mum shall not know about this or else she'll freak out..kekeke) cos it makes me feel good and desirable.


No lah. i guess i just love feeling slim and able to fit into most of the clothes. that's all. nothing aneroxic, nothing vanity. self-esteem, more like. having food as one of my favourite's, HERBALIFE is the best discovery i've ever made.eheh!

4.i dream of being a specialist before reaching 37. which specialty? i havent put my hand on a specific route yet. i promised myself that during my journey towards being one, i'd be one reliable houseman to the departments, approachable and helpful medical officer to the newbies and a source of comfort to the patients.

5. i am praying for an umrah next year. i believe i can make time for that and will treasure the closeness with my Creator. u know, the nothing else matters' kind of feeling. i'd like to experience that for once.

6. i hope, i wish and i pray to meet the guy and settle down by next year. far-fetched? setiap kata-kata itu kan doa? erm, i have nothing more to say on this matter.

7.i'd loveeeee to be a good dancer. i feel that it's the most fun exercise to get a sexy fit body and good way of de-stress too ....ideally, there'll be one private studio where i'll meet up with my girlfriends and dance to the beat whenever we feel like it. the instructor? i'll let my friends drool on him decide;p

8. i wanna earn big money. for a simpler reason so that i can shop more but more humbly because i wanna share the wealth with those matters to me and contribute to the needy ones... now, that sounds better isnt it? =D

9. i wanna go back toshopping in Melb, that explains why i haven't converted the AUD1200...now, where's my darling KAMI's?

10. i'd be delighted for endless HERBALIFE order. ngeeeeeee!




Sunday, October 12, 2008


I have so many things to write here..

about my life events in the past..

about my siblings...

about my long wish list and dream...


but i just couldn't sit down and type it out...always in a hurry or have something else to do

so i think i wont do justice to do a quick jot....

write later then...

erm, which of the three u'd like to know first? ;p

Thursday, October 9, 2008


i spent good money for half body-length mirror, cleaning tools, dishes rack, also fruits, yoghurt drinks and a few others for the new fridge.

i was happy to see the new look around my studio.

that's my first step to attract as much of positive attraction around me.

i was doing first call last weekend and admission was endless until past midnight. yet, i was all smiling and almost hopping around doing the clerking. my friend and i even managed to catch Ayat Ayat Cinta on TV for a while....

i love the thought that i'll be in KL during the deepavali long weekend until tuesday...my brother and SIL is holding an open hse on saturday and i'm inviting my frens to that, the next day i'll be at Farina's and hoping to meet my beloved girlfrens there. then will be my favourite activities as i'm thinking of doing some wardrobe make over..anyone joining me for the shopping spree? i'm feeling generous to treat the lucky ones with a piece or two as well...

Herbalife's doing well and i am excited to hear good testimonials from the buddies but most importantly myself is the living proof that it's the best product for health and nutrition. 51kg with figure of **-24-36 has never been in my wildest dream;)

every second, i tried to be more grateful for what i have in my life...

believing that i will be blessed with more of that..

Wednesday, October 8, 2008



i closed down the blog.

i deleted from the friendster list

and finally,

i throw away the other sim card into the bin (selamba je dengan balance 400 sms and RM20 lebih credit)...

that's it. i have nothing to remind me of it anymore. 5 years of waiting has finally come to an end.

'Lupakan, wanita yang baik untuk lelaki yang baik...'

insya Allahh....

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Hi girls...

thanks for being here...