Thursday, October 9, 2008


i spent good money for half body-length mirror, cleaning tools, dishes rack, also fruits, yoghurt drinks and a few others for the new fridge.

i was happy to see the new look around my studio.

that's my first step to attract as much of positive attraction around me.

i was doing first call last weekend and admission was endless until past midnight. yet, i was all smiling and almost hopping around doing the clerking. my friend and i even managed to catch Ayat Ayat Cinta on TV for a while....

i love the thought that i'll be in KL during the deepavali long weekend until brother and SIL is holding an open hse on saturday and i'm inviting my frens to that, the next day i'll be at Farina's and hoping to meet my beloved girlfrens there. then will be my favourite activities as i'm thinking of doing some wardrobe make over..anyone joining me for the shopping spree? i'm feeling generous to treat the lucky ones with a piece or two as well...

Herbalife's doing well and i am excited to hear good testimonials from the buddies but most importantly myself is the living proof that it's the best product for health and nutrition. 51kg with figure of **-24-36 has never been in my wildest dream;)

every second, i tried to be more grateful for what i have in my life...

believing that i will be blessed with more of that..


Nadya said...

meee meeee meeeeeeeeeee

*angkat tangan tinggi2*


yatt said...


jom jom!!