Saturday, August 29, 2009




I first started with Herbalife in early 2007. Within 3 months of healthier eating habit, i accomplished my targets

- LOSE 7kg

- LOSE 20cm in total

- Size for my tops changed from XL/L to M/S

- Size for my pants shrink for 32 to 28

That's a very big accomplishment for a girl who has TRIED to lose weight since 15 years old..

So here i am ready for another challenge.. Alhamdulillah, the weight has remained almost the same (if not a bit more) and i am of the same size as 2 years ago. The new targets is more of wellness evaluation rather than weight and inches...

These are the figures when i first started in early August

Body fat: 28 (Normal 22-25)

Water content: 52 (Normal 55)

Bone Mass: 2.3 (Normal 2.4)

Basal Metabolic Rate: 1230 (Normal 1300)

Metabolic age: 27

*Pant's size: 28

*Hip: 92cm

*Thigh: 55cm

So i'll see myself in October with these new figure

Body fat: 22

Water content: 55

Bone mass:2.4

Basal Metabolic Rate: >1300

Metabolic age: 18 year old

*Pant's size: 27


Wish me all the very best!!

Friday, August 21, 2009


I just realised i never put up any picture in this blog unlike the previous i hope this BBQ event will do...hopefully more to come in the future...

Mustard-honey and black pepper

Bracesku sayang...

Tak sabar...

Huh, bile aku bleh makan plak nih??

Keep ur distance, buddy!

Oh, testing one two three!

Good clan

Takpe2, kitorang tak tahu.....;)

Thanks for coming...

Nak amik sume bleh??

Partner in Crime!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009



Nak cerita ape ye?

Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah...itu yang aku cepat2 hiaskan di bibir setiap kali rasa sedih atau resah..sebabnye aku nak ingatkan diri segala nikmat2 lain yang Allah dah berikan padaku sepanjang hidup ini...Alhamdulillah, rasa hati kembali tenang sedikit..paling tidak, aku tahu Allah masih sayang pada aku..

Peah pesan, kadang-kadang Allah tak beri ape yang kita mahu sebab Allah suka mendengar kita meminta padaNya..comel kan? kalau semua benda yang kita nak kita dapat, takut nanti makin jauh dari Allah..

Nak dengar cerita lain?

Tahun 1999, di kala ramai sangat kawan2 yang dapat tawaran further study di matriks or some other private university...i did not get any and had to wait for my SPM result at home..i was devastated and kinda lost because i thought i must've done bad in my SPM. Allah Maha Besar, the result came out beyond my expectation and received numerous good offers after that.

See, Allah always save the best for the last...

Paling penting, aku tak hidup in regret..

Ramadhan hadir tepat pada masanya. insya Allah, aku ada beberapa janji pada Allah untuk bulan yang mulia nih.

Ada Allah, ada family..aku ok.

Friday, August 14, 2009


I have less than 30 minutes here..

Rasa unsettled. Something at the back of my head. I have been thinking of it for more than a week, cried once for it became unbearable. I have a few options and i want to do it wisely this time.

My sister praised me for being strong and keep calm. I'm glad i presented myself that way to others. I told her, i would always share happy news but rather keep it to myself the sad ones.

Look, i have been given 4 best months in my life and now i am not sure what is next..i can be all gloomy for things have changed and i may have to move on but i want to be different..

I want to be the one who is grateful for the last 4 month's good memories. I want to be able to reminisce every single events that we shared and still smile in comfort. I want to be able to hold my hope high for something better...

If you see me next time,

I may be a little quiet..I may isolate myself from the crowd...I may be lost in my own thought..

But dont worry. I am here to stride.