Saturday, August 29, 2009




I first started with Herbalife in early 2007. Within 3 months of healthier eating habit, i accomplished my targets

- LOSE 7kg

- LOSE 20cm in total

- Size for my tops changed from XL/L to M/S

- Size for my pants shrink for 32 to 28

That's a very big accomplishment for a girl who has TRIED to lose weight since 15 years old..

So here i am ready for another challenge.. Alhamdulillah, the weight has remained almost the same (if not a bit more) and i am of the same size as 2 years ago. The new targets is more of wellness evaluation rather than weight and inches...

These are the figures when i first started in early August

Body fat: 28 (Normal 22-25)

Water content: 52 (Normal 55)

Bone Mass: 2.3 (Normal 2.4)

Basal Metabolic Rate: 1230 (Normal 1300)

Metabolic age: 27

*Pant's size: 28

*Hip: 92cm

*Thigh: 55cm

So i'll see myself in October with these new figure

Body fat: 22

Water content: 55

Bone mass:2.4

Basal Metabolic Rate: >1300

Metabolic age: 18 year old

*Pant's size: 27


Wish me all the very best!!


~Am said...

wah...good luck....aku pun baru start balik setelah setahun lebih meninggalkannya...but I dont have a strong will...huhu

zla said...

maina, dulu comei..
kini comei + vogiu plus plus
hehehe all da bes!

yatt said...

Ambol: thankss....all the best to u too!

Zla: hoh!

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