Friday, August 14, 2009


I have less than 30 minutes here..

Rasa unsettled. Something at the back of my head. I have been thinking of it for more than a week, cried once for it became unbearable. I have a few options and i want to do it wisely this time.

My sister praised me for being strong and keep calm. I'm glad i presented myself that way to others. I told her, i would always share happy news but rather keep it to myself the sad ones.

Look, i have been given 4 best months in my life and now i am not sure what is next..i can be all gloomy for things have changed and i may have to move on but i want to be different..

I want to be the one who is grateful for the last 4 month's good memories. I want to be able to reminisce every single events that we shared and still smile in comfort. I want to be able to hold my hope high for something better...

If you see me next time,

I may be a little quiet..I may isolate myself from the crowd...I may be lost in my own thought..

But dont worry. I am here to stride.


Anonymous said...

can i guess what the prob is? kinda see this is coming..
need a marrige counseling?
no, serious.

~Am said...

hmmmm...babe, kalo apa yg aku paham daripada apa yg ko tulis ni betul, ko rilek je....things will get better...reading self help books also helps...hehehe, aku cakap dari pengalaman nih

yatt said...

Oome: no prize for guessing though...

Ambol: thanks for the advice..i try to keep looking on the positive side..