Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day One

So today is officially my day one of being a medical officer. Yes, i graduated from housemanship 2 months ago but i would not consider myself as an MO during my opthalmology placement. I didnt use enough brain cells and do much job to qualify as one during the period.

I managed to get the appeal through and started my district placement in HTM instead. Of course i was all nervous and excited at the same time being in new place and environment. I tried to adapt quick.

By 10 am after a quick brunch, i tagged doing medical round then went to cover casualty with another MO. A nice and decent chap. There'll be three of us covering medical.

The pace in this hospital is just nice, not too rushy but not so slow. Everyone's friendly and chatty. The cases that came in today were the usual, nothing emergency. My good buddy was there for a while to accompany me.

By 5pm, i was practially exhausted and starved, but nothing to whine about. I enjoyed listening to the heart and chest, talking to the patients and trying to make up a diagnosis from their story together with my finding. My brain is finally working again after a short dormant period.

I felt contented with my day, anxious nonetheless to start doing oncall this friday. Finally, i feel like everything falls into the right place.

To tops everything up, i'm going for a course in PULAU KAPAS next week!!

p/s: to celebrate, i put up my old blog over the right top. enjoice!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Inner Beauty

I love hugging and giving my mum a peck on her cheek. Although she had an ageing skin but it is smooth and silky soft. When i asked for her secret, she simply said it was from her ablution.


So this is my 2010's resolution-to beautify myself from the inside!

* I make it a habit to take ablution each time after using bathroom and recite selawat for each step of skincare routine. easy and practical.

* Cleanse my heart from all those ill-feeling and thoughts. I guess it's easier said than done in this real world but i'm determined to find my way. Hatred, jealousy, rage and stress wont do any good to the well being and it would show on the facial expression somehow, only to quicken ageing process.

* Keep a good thought about others- one of the earliest advice my fiance gave me. heh, that's to summarise woman and insecurity i guess. lol! regardless, the meaning goes a long way indeed. Only if we can filter our thought and impression about other, we'll make a peace of mind- to keep the good ones and leave the rest behind. We can't expect every single person we know to treat us nicely all the time but there must be something GOOD he/she had done to us in the past. Even if the person betrayed or did something nasty to us, the best thing to do is walk away. Dont plot any punishment, Allah knows better.

*Be sincere- These would be applicable for many aspects in life; job-wise and personal relationship. Help others..renew our intention before going to work everyday kerana Allah Taala..believe in the power of giving.

*Forgive others before going to sleep- this is actually Sunnah Rasul, if i'm not mistaken. To err is human. Perhaps when someone hurts us, we might've hurt someone else in the past. Even if we can't forget, try to forgive. It will leave so much space for love in our heart by eliminating hatred and grudge. I'm proud to say that i am able to make peace with certain someone after 10 months of silence and to the one who left me without any word or sign, you're also forgiven.

So even if i could not afford to buy the best skincare range in the market, i hope these would help to keep me glowy and radiant!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pink-Purple Day

Alhamdulillah for 05062010..

It was two days after my mum's birthday, so i hope this was one of her best present..

As the date was finalised mere 2 weeks prior, so i was a bit panicked to get everything done. Thank God i was quick to decide on the theme colour and already got my dress on its way..So the tiny bits of preparation..

Spent some time looking for decent cupcakes and almost got my auntie to book them from a store when my SIL called me up from KL and offered to bring home the customised version..

Made a little conspiracy with my sister to specially request my auntie in Taiping to come home and do decoration for the gifts...i've always treasured personal touch for family event..

Managed to secure the recommended make up artist (he beautified my sister on her wedding day 5 years ago) together with my favourite backdrop
(actually, i first saw the backdrop in purple while browsing through anonymous' blog and fell in love right away...secretly hoping that i could find one for my wedding..but who knows i didnt have to wait that long as it was ready for my engagement)

With a little help from my mum, His and Hers ring materialised and much to my (and almost everyone)'s delight..simple and practical for daily wear.

Tasted this home-made chocolate and wistfully thought that it would be nice to have them on the engagement or wedding..With a little help from my another SIL, they were the doorgift for his side..

Everybody's home!

Parents and the singles...

Ladies in the family...
I believe words and pictures would not justify the going of that day. It was smooth and simple, Alhamdulillah.