Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pink-Purple Day

Alhamdulillah for 05062010..

It was two days after my mum's birthday, so i hope this was one of her best present..

As the date was finalised mere 2 weeks prior, so i was a bit panicked to get everything done. Thank God i was quick to decide on the theme colour and already got my dress on its way..So the tiny bits of preparation..

Spent some time looking for decent cupcakes and almost got my auntie to book them from a store when my SIL called me up from KL and offered to bring home the customised version..

Made a little conspiracy with my sister to specially request my auntie in Taiping to come home and do decoration for the gifts...i've always treasured personal touch for family event..

Managed to secure the recommended make up artist (he beautified my sister on her wedding day 5 years ago) together with my favourite backdrop
(actually, i first saw the backdrop in purple while browsing through anonymous' blog and fell in love right away...secretly hoping that i could find one for my wedding..but who knows i didnt have to wait that long as it was ready for my engagement)

With a little help from my mum, His and Hers ring materialised and much to my (and almost everyone)'s delight..simple and practical for daily wear.

Tasted this home-made chocolate and wistfully thought that it would be nice to have them on the engagement or wedding..With a little help from my another SIL, they were the doorgift for his side..

Everybody's home!

Parents and the singles...

Ladies in the family...
I believe words and pictures would not justify the going of that day. It was smooth and simple, Alhamdulillah.


mygoldpen said...

yatt, where is HE?*hehe, kepoh2..

yatt said...

ada, ada...

dlm laptop;)

peonate said...

sorry lambat!! dah lama tak buka blog².. congratss dear !!! sume cantik2!