Sunday, May 30, 2010

Big E

I guess it's about time to share the news..

Yes, i'm getting engaged!

Who: someone i never mentioned here.

Where: home sweet home.

When: 05062010.

How: erm, istikharah and kuasa Tuhan..

Why: i believe he is the answer to my endless prayers..

Sorry, i wont go into details here although i know some of you deserve to know...i will spill if we got the chance to meet in person, dont worry;)

Thanks for all the prayers all this meant a lot for me..

As for the preparation, everything under's quite a last minutes decision but i managed to decide on things easily (considering my infamous fickle-mind) and happy with the choice..

I'm rather more excited for another family gathering during event actually...hehe

Ahh, please pray that i wont be doing anything silly or flashing too much of my braces on that day!


aida cy said...

i wanna know!! i wanna know!!



i can ask u maself (berlagak semacam)

1st hand info, ahaks :)

~Am said...

wah...congrats yatt....finally!
alaa....bila nak jumpa and spill ni

mygoldpen said...

yatt, congrates!!!!wah, sgt excited aku..siapakah gerangan orangnya? :P

yatt said...

Adik: syeboklah hang! balik cepat tolong kemas rumah...

Am: thanksss....hahaha, finally kan? korang buatla bridal shower kat aku..hahha

Izza: thanksss..sbb tlg excitedkan bagi pihak aku..;)

aneesa said...

congrats yatt!
please be happy now! i want happy2 thoughts now on this blog as of now

kawen ckp awal2, i wanna try and make it, lame tak ke klantan

yatt said...

Aneesa!! thank u so muchh, ok, i will try to keep it this way;)

definitely gonna let u know earlier!