Saturday, May 1, 2010

Housemanship and all...

Today's almost a month since i last addressed myself as a houseman..No, nothing to brag or feel proud about..It's just a huuuugee relief that i have closed the first chapter and looking forward for the next one.

Here's my top five about being HO@Hamba Orang

1. Bekerja kerana Allah. This is not about being holier-than-thou or whatsoever but i learnt that whenever i felt upset with my superior or intimidated by fussy family members, i would take comfort in 'Takpelahhh..aku bekerja kerana Allah..bukannya utk diorg semua" It took away the huge tension that built up over the day and make me feel better instantaneously..

2. Family. I admitted that i was feeling rather low upon receiving the placement letter two years back because i would be the only one among the group who will settle down in this small city. Allah is the Best Know-er, He knew that i would need my family the most during the initial phase. My parents took an effort to come over to my little unit to keep me company every nite and left after subuh..they sometimes brought me dinner cause i'll be tooo tired or frustrated to prepare my own meal. They did that for a few weeks and in between i would drove home just for a few hours of sleep.

3. Little happiness. I didnt know how i came up with this mind game during the terrifying medical rotation. During those days, i was the new intern and struggled very much. Everything seemed wrong and i didnt know whether i was meant for this job. So i created this game so that by the end of my working hour, i should have at least one thing that made me happy and that's how i persevere. It would always end up either one branula successfully inserted, finishing job before lunch hour or a warm thought from the relative...

4. Friends. i had a bunch of crazy ones..None of us share the same personality thus making every hang-out a noisy ones with gossips, jokes and dreams..We sticked together till the present day and hoping to keep it like this.

5. Doa. That's my best friend to keep me going until the end.

So if anyone is thinking of taking up medicine, i would not discourage you. Please do so but with an open mind and for the right intention. You'll stumble, cried buckets or even drafting your very own resignation letter but if you manage to pull yourself up again and keep going, you'll get through..

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