Friday, May 21, 2010


sal·ad   /ˈsæləd/ Show Spelled[sal-uhd] Show IPA
1.a usually cold dish consisting of vegetables, as lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers, covered with a dressing and sometimes containing seafood, meat, or eggs.
2.any of various dishes consisting of foods, as meat, seafood, eggs, pasta, or fruit, prepared singly or combined, usually cut up, mixed with a dressing, and served cold: chicken salad; potato salad.
3.any herb or green vegetable, as lettuce, used for salads or eaten raw.
4.South Midland and Southern U.S. greens.
5.any mixture or assortment: The usual salad of writers, artists, and musicians attended the party.

One of my favourite meals...i find it refreshing and fill my stomach just nice..

But that's how my mind is at the moment too..I've made a pact with Peah to update more frequently, at the very least once a week..So far, i havent been successful. I do have few issues to talk about but got swamped with either work or social events..let's see if i could squeeze some time and write on those accordingly..

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