Friday, May 21, 2010


That's our tagline, fyi..

1. When you go for buffet breakfast in the hotel, never save any meals for the next day. The menu wont be the same and you might missed tasting the fish porridge until the trip end.sob sob!

2. When you're doing adventurous activity like ATV, do not let your accident prone friend to go first. They might do unnecessary stunt and created worry to your guide. Instead of feeling like a fear factor champion, you'll be doing different route with little if not no tricky path at all.pbbhht..

3. 'I speak no Thai' 'ekumi?'

4. If you're going for snorkelling, always ask for the size of the boat and what's the side activity. Otherwise you'll end up in a large boat with overcrowded passengers feeling nonetheless like an illegal immigrant with few pitstops to drop other passenger. With the big size,'ship' wont go near the beach and the coral view wont be much spectacular.

5. It's a long winding road to most of the destination so do not overstuffed your tummy or underfilled it. Nauseated feeling isn't a nice feeling.

6. Learn to use calculator to bargain the price with the folks.

7. Always bring extra cash to the island because some ATM will dissapoint your shoprednaline')

8. Go for the seafood. You'll sleep with a big smile.

9. If you're feeding the baby elephant, shove the banana through the mouth not the nose, ok? achummmm!

10. Dont feel bad if you forgot your swimming attire and had to resort to the cutesy pyjama pants.You'll never know how much your friends would appreciate the printed colourful pattern as the landmark that they weren't far away from the crowd. lol!!

11. If you're going for some outdoor activities, please..please think twice before yo
opted for some flowery girly top with leggings. We dont want you to cringe upon the 'makcik temah pulang dari kedai' image on the camera screen.

12. Spare some time by the end of the trip for a photo review together. enjoy laughing fit over the expression of each other..

So beauties, thank u for a very wonderful time ..hugs!

P/S: pictures will be updated in FB..

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