Monday, September 7, 2009


I find myself writing a lot less in here.

Maybe i find it much easier to keep everything inside than go all expressive in public.

Maybe i'm afraid i would sound emotional when i want people to see me strong and calm.

Maybe i believe that the less i say it out, the less painful it will be...

I find i a lot easier to have conversation in my head or share it with God.


To fill in my absence, i'd like to usher u girls to my sister's blog .I find myself giggling a lot while reading her musing, perhaps because i could actually relate to most of the situation. I know she hates the fact that people often mistaken her as my elder sister but she sometines does act like one... but most of the time, she'll be the one who takes up my order and endure my nag.

Yes, i am the evil between the three.


This conversation took place shortly after the father met my partner-in-crime and i at our friend's house. His son is our gay partner in the clan, which simply means incest if we end up marrying each other...

Father: patutla abang takde risau pun pasal nak kahwin...tak rasa nak kahwin.

Son: kenapa?

Father: dok berkawan dengan diorang tuh...perangai macam budak-budak...yang dua orang tuh tak boleh berenti bercakap ke?


oh my god...


I dont think we're that childish *denial denial*

ahh, speaking of denial..i actually have a patient back in paediatric ward who was named as




After another round of cleaning the wardrobe, i made the usual pact not to do any clothes' shopping and the dateline this time would be until i finish my internship which will be later in April.

Shortly after the vow, i paid my first visit to the newly opened Parkson and regretted myself to death.

Err, can i take back my words??

*pussy-cat eyes*


As i have to take my mind off retail therapy, i need an excursion. Sabah is now off the list because i missed the best deal already.

I dont think Kl will be a wise decision because experience tells everything. Besides, nobody should see me doing helicopter stunt in the middle of the shopping mall as i try to control myself from splurging money.

I would love to go to an island but my partner in crime cannot be nowhere near the sea.

I'm having Lumut, Bukit Merah or Janda Baik for my family's excursion next month... Any better option?


I'll try to stick to one particular topic when i type next time..



Anonymous said...

sesungguhnye memangla incoherent,make aku pon nak komen secare incoherent jugakla.
1. did u take the medication that i prescribe to u? mesti lupe makan obat nih..haha
2. alah, tanak sopim konon.. ya rait yat, ya rait -mate guling guling-
3. aku pon terase terhine jugak la berhubungan dengan conversation seorang anak ngan bapaknye tersebut... walaupon aku tak kenal la sape 2 org yang di nyatekan di atas.. -ahmad deniel jugak nih-

yatt said...

1. What medicine? i dont take drugs...

2. Eh ingat, aku cakap baju je tau..kasut beg accesories tudung etc, tak termasuk dlm perjanjian tuh..

3. Aku tak rasa terhina pon??! bangga adalah sbb awet!

-Siti Denial-