Saturday, September 12, 2009

Incoherent Part III

I've lost more than 3kg since Day 1 of puasa.

Everytime i promised myself to reply the MonashClan group email, i never did. One or two has been asking my whereabout rhetorically.They actually played a major role for my happy doses back in those days. I never missed reading the snailmail but when it's time to update about myself, i dont know where to start.Perhaps the experience of being a chronic houseman that demand me to act a litle less than junior MO itself with the same old pay will do. should i also mention the perks of doing less calls due to the policy? It's not influx, genius. It's retention.


I'm afraid to see Ramadhan comes to the end. All this while, i have been using it as the main strength to fight and the best tool to fill in the silence. Funny how i share the same sentiment with a few others.It's nothing new to realise how Ramadhan has always been a trial period for me, but at the same time i also appreciate my renewed bonding with my Creator. I was told that it's all in the mind and i can always be strong despite any named month.


It's not that i am not excited to enjoy the full house and wear my 4 pieces of baju raya matched with 3 pairs of kasut raya completed by the new handbag.Yes,i still have my childhood spirit when it comes to that.


Let's do some wild experiment. Here's my brain on the dissecting table. Doesnt it looked a little bit crowded to you? Here's the scapel.Now i want you to remove the big chunk of what's labeled as memory so that i can have more space for the future wishes junky.


Picnic at waterfall sounds like a plan now. The last time we had it was a few years back during my summer break. There's some jingling feeling associated with what we called as dugong session...Dont worry, there's no way we would call ourselves duyong for some eye-rolling expression..hehehe


Miss Mehran gave me a list of Feel-Good-Moment hence my daily status in FB. Speaking of FB, i still cannot understand why stranger would make an effort to add me up in his/her list. It's not that ur interested to be my fren anyway. Ok, i am biased cos i would absent-mindedly approve any request from female and leave her at peace but as for the other species, i make sure i checked out the profile to confirm he's alien to me and rejected the request. Ok, back to the list. Some are as easy as wearing new clothes/shoes/bag but top in the list is indeed

'lari keliling hospital'.


hafizahmaha said...
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hafizahmaha said...

tak bace pape lagi tp aku nk terus comment lepas bace title Incoherent Part III... you sure you don't need the meds?

hafizahmaha said...

dah habes baca.. ermm, it's not so bad this time. i can actually see the flow (meaning either you're getting better or i'm getting worse).

p.s: banyaknye baju + kain + kasut raye.

p.p.s: kalau kau lari keliling spital ajak la aku skali. nak ikot.

z said...

err tiga jek? heheh.. pas ni dgr lagu tu ok (smbil amik maxalon)