Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Shout Out!

I think my response to all the comment deserve a special entry

Hafizah: hehehe, i'm still waiting for the drugs..would it be easier with the gas in ur hand? ah yes, i love all my baju raya's...and for the marathon round the hospital, i'll pass:p

Z: hehe, those're the easiest bit from the list...haven't got the chance to oggle on the cuties though...

Farina: dugong session post-reunion sounds like a plan...yeay yeay!!

Ambol: oiits, aku nak bunk in ur room on that night lah kalu camtuh.


1. Open house at Tmn Uda Murni on 10.10.09. Any idea for theme and menu?

2.I'll be in KL on 15th Oct to meet up with Peah..havent decide either to proceed with family excursion to Pangkor or just stay in town till end of the weekend..if i do, need a movie partner cos no shopping for me this time!


~Am said...
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~Am said...

aku stay kat times square...easy access to shopping mall