Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Black vs White

So, how?

I dont know..i'm happy with my life at the moment..i dont wanna get hurt again and i'm scared.

Sure..but why not give him another chance?

For what?

Ermm....i dont know..for the sake of good ol' friendship?


After all, aren't we soo over it? maybe u can take it as a step ahead and prove it to urself.

But life is good enough without..

I know...


Kay said...

better not..
any gossip for me?
maybe...I repeat, MAYBE, will 'bertandang' to PC on this coming 24th... (doa2kan la ye)..
so, kumpul2 gossip eh! take care

yatt said...


yeay!! jom jom..i pun tak on call time wedding mak ka tuh..bleylaa kita bercerita ceriti..