Saturday, December 20, 2008

Hear me out...



I can sit down and write. I was so full on since early of this month, i have to make a mental note of what to share this time but bear in mind, it's so gonna be random..

Sugar darling, I'm so sorry i can't make it to ur wedding reception...would love to be there and witness the most important ceremony in ur life but logistic reason is such an issue. Nonetheless, there's something i'd like u to have as a combo for ur wedding and birthday present. tinggalkan alamat ye cos aku malas nak godek2 carik kad jemputan kahwin ko's nothing big but i hope u'll like it;)

Peon, satu hari semasa aku tengah drive nak balik rumah aku terfikir

"Eh, kenapa peon tak ajak Anuar Zain ek untuk entertain masa wedding reception nti?

I'm sure so many of us would agree to this thought kan? eheh...

Tapi bahaya gak tau cos for sure he'll steal ur limelight...

Eh tapi, menariklaaa makan2 sambil dengar suara dia menyanyi secara life...

Now i have 2 birthday-month-mates in my family. First was on 10th of Dec- proudly named after our late grandfather; Ikram Hamzah. The most awaiting princess made her way shortly few days after that and the parents finally agreed on this lovely name after endless suggestion from us (remember, she's our first niece so that explains...)- Hanin Zahraa


Me: wahhhh hanin zahraa ke? best2..sama dengan nama kawan nur, hanin..

My sister: ohhhh, ye ke...baik tak dia?

Me: baiikkkk sgt... pastu ramai orang berkenan *grin*

Mum: *muka cuak*

LOL....jangan marah hanin;)


For the past month, i have to deal with sleepless night and never got around with it, yet.

headache, sore throat, dry cough....

Another 3 months to go unless i can finally make a decision of whether to settle down with this profession or not, it'll be life long..

When does baby gonna stop popping out???


I received my 1st birthday card from my trust fund agent days before the day itself...

Yeay, my birthday's coming soonn!!!

Actually, i secretly make an advanced birthday wish a few months ago...something i know would make me complete but as the day nearing, i'm *this close* to give up... i dont think the little pink things on my teeth is any reason for that*chuckles* but i guess, i just have to wait a little longer. Don't worry, Allah has always been gracious to me and things always happen at the perfect time with the perfect person.

Put that aside, i should proceed with a materialistic birthday wish *shining eyes*

-2 bottles of perfume. One for my home and another is to leave at the kuarters. Yes, a few miniature would do for travelling too..Something refreshing, something subtle.

-Working pants * rolled eyes all u want*. I know, i never seem to have enough working attire but i do because remember, i work 7 days a week not including few nites a month..I've been wearing the ones i bought in Melb so i guess after a year, they shuld have some replacement.

-Fleece and wool. I hate being in the labour room for the only reason: i cannot stand cold...huhuhu, pain to the i have to warm myself up before i leave my patients unattended because i am too numb to move, eheh.

-New camera. Nothing's wrong with my old one, i'm just bored with it and want something new-sleek and light.

-Anklet. Hmm, my mum doesnt approve to this though=(

-More printed scarfs. For the same reason as of the working pants' ;)

-Square-shaped watch.

-More bags and shoes wouldn't hurt...lalalala

-Membership to swimming pool and gymnasium.

-Time to read my story books. So far, i only manage to finish up one book from my purchase at the MPH warehouse and it's not fun at all...I even have a few more books i'm planning to have soon

Ops, the last one's kinda drifted from the main list..


awesome blossom said...

IF anuar datang wedding peon, alamatnya banyak la tetamu yg tak diundang muncul sama... hahaha

peonate said...

yeeeee btol...aku kate kat zeff ajak abg nuar to his reception though i would loveee to invite him on mine.. tapi mmg nanti org sume pandang die jeee aaaarghh dahla die kadang² tu suke pakai coat kaler putih kang cam pengantin lak..marah zeff haha

Nadya said...

honey!!so sad u cant make it..but its ok..if ur free jemput la gi reception side bojed on the 4th jan..hihihi kat putrajaya.=)

neways..abt the combo present..uuuu terharu i..thanks a lot.*huggsss*
but u dont have to do dat u know..susah2 aje..huhu

BUT since u insist..haha here u go:
32, Jalan Seri Putra 8/1, Bandar Seri Putra, Bangi, 43000 Kajang, Sel.

f a r i n a said...

i actually checked with the management. Anuar dont do weddings anymore, singing for it, I mean. Unless, for really close friends. Hahaha...

tapi nanti i tanya hubby i tu, kalau tak busy nanti i heret dia sama k? ouh, tapi tak yah suruh nyanyi lah, dia nyanyi di kuping i pun cukup.