Saturday, November 22, 2008

Taggie 1

Ini khas untuk Darling Anis...

Take a recent picture of yourself or take a picture of yourself right NOW!.
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Jeng jeng jeng!!

this the best i can come up with, unless korang nak tgk gambar aku tido ternganga:p

1. I can never go back to sleep again after subuh unless i was so worn out or it was summer.

2. I was a spoilt brat and drama queen during childhood.

3. I wanna be a professor.

4. Saya tak boleh makan kerang nanti sakit kepala dan loya.

5. I love being with my family and girlfriends so much.

6. I look forward to own and decorate my house.

7. Saya nak kahwin tahun depann..


anis-chan said...

yeay! tq! :D

Kay said...

No 2 tu mengingatkan kembali zaman dolu-dolu...hikhikhik...sonot... mcm nak je balik zaman itewww...

Yang last sekali tu.. Aminnnn...
Dh ade calon yg sesuai? *wink*

yatt said...

anis: hehehe...welcome

kay: hehe, i was a drama queen kan dulu2...syhhhhhh...

erm yg last skali tuh, doa2lah sama ek?