Thursday, November 6, 2008


Let me start with a huge, warm hug.
Ok, now here's my two cents

I love you Yatt and I think you are a wonderful person - do you know that u have this vibrance that just lights up any gloomy sky? just by ur chatter and laughter. And the love you have in ur heart - for ur nephews and nieces, for your girlfrens and for that person (i'm tempted to register his as blind). You have so much love in you my dear, please not let that goes to waste.

Like you said, let's just live on. Love yourself Yatt.First. That's what I have learnt from my failures. Sometimes we let some people stay in our life too long, occasionally bringing us more misery than smiles.
We asked His Guidance, and we look for His Ayah(signs) and we be content to what He has Decreed on us. There's so much evil things I can do to him Yatt (seriously) but then like you said we're not vengeful. This is not how we fight our own Badr. I prefer the "so what" attitude.

Yatt, you have been strong all these years. Stay strong. You have our love and our prayers. Embrace life with your big heart and that innerself who's always dancing. Like a cliche, he really doesn't deserve u.

Love always.


Thanks, babe. I'm forever grateful that i have you in my life.


Marfu'ah said...

hey dearest,

i'm even more glad to have u in my life knowing i can LAUGH hard and CRY hard with you anytime.

p/s: sorry for the typos, as usual writing in between patients not the best time to adhere to perfect grammar

yatt said...


cant wait to see u again..hopefully soon!