Wednesday, November 19, 2008


first of all,


'Be careful what u wish for cos u might get it'...

in my case, what i thot would be...

omg, nak gelak lagi sekali


No, i'm not annoyed or envious but rather jelek and sebal...


geli pun ada....

eh dah dah...tukar cerita lain

*delete the contact number images from brain memory*

i've been fumbling a lot, like i always did that throw me and my gay partner bestie into laughing fit...we also had this habit of cracking stupid jokes before dozing off that makes us indifferent from those ppl with mania the next day in hosp because we'll be repeating our jokes and start having laughing fit all over again...

i managed to catch up with TJ in the middle of bowling last night and Melb next year sounds like a plan...aminnnnn..


meeting up with dentist-next

karaoke with family-next

bowling trip-next

last day in surgery-next

trip to bandung-next!!!


Kay said...

tak takpe..hehehe
*you've been tagged*
sila la melayan tag2 ni ye..muahaha

yatt said...

hehe tak payahla's just my mind doing the effort to get things out of the system..

ok, will do it soon..