Monday, November 10, 2008


Thank You Allah.

Working in this surgical department is like living as a big family.

Mr. Surgeons' are the combination of supercool but committed father figures. They advises, teaches and care for us just like what our father's being doing for us in life. They'll correct us but no hard feeling attached. Some would be favourites than the other for their humour and easy going personality...

Ms. Surgeons' been doing what mum would do, nagging! hahahha..kidding of course ;) even if they do, nobody took it the wrong way..simply smile and they hardly remember what they've been rambling soon could be a great source of gossip while she talks to the know, the social history of clerking;)

Mr. MO? *rolled eyes*
hahaha, the craziest bunch of kid grown-ups i've ever encountered..very funny, very auta, very understanding and very approachable..oh god, u shuld seen them in their playful mode among each other...seriously entertaining...not to say they dont bully just like what brothers enjoy to do but it's totally for the fun of for the harmless flirt, i'm cool with it ;)

'Dont worry lah, u'r just like my brother..'


Ms. MO? the sisters of gossip..hahahah..we shared oncall rooms, jokes and food. source of comfort and guidance..we take care for each other happily..

this atmosphere has actually been my reason for smiles, grins and laughs.

ahh dear.. i've got 2 more weeks for this..will definitely embrace the memories and keep it well.

Thank you Allah.


BeeLOVE said...

that is so nice to read :D i hope i'll enjoy it too the way you do. moga Allah permudahkan. so glad that we still keep in touch


yatt said...

fara darling..

insya Allah u'll enjoy ur experience as long as u keep good company close and find satisfaction in ur work..

all the best!