Saturday, June 13, 2009

3 Days in Heaven...

Day 1

I woke up early for no reason. While waiting for my nephews to wake up, i found myself reading through the autograph book dated back in 1999- the book we created for our friends before leaving SSP.. i had a long story with this book, actually waited for almost 10 years since i left school to get hold of it back..but the patience paid off..

As i flipped through the pages, i smiled, laughed out loud and at times couldnt help myself from sighing in deep regret. it truly touched me to see how much effort these people put up into the pages and how i was remembered as back was funny how some of us(ehem, highlight to the headgirl!) could actually dreamhigh..

Deep inside, i could not ignore my regret for not being able to keep some of them close through the years.. we drifted apart, no thanks to the time and distance. hopefully the coming 10th years anniversary will give me a chance to fix at least some, if not all.

So i spent the rest of the day doing some shopping spree at The Curve-Ikea-Ikano.. i must say i was not even half done with my shopping despite the long 4 hours but there'll always be next time... the No-Shopping-Unless-I'm-Travelling policy is still valid i think, or at least i'd like to believe so.. I've listed few items for my brother to bring home from Ikea too..

I called it a day at 9pm. ngeee..

Day 2

She's my confidante, i promised myself to make it to her wedding and i'm glad i did. I went to Port Dickson with Ms. Z and Aneesa on a longgggggggggggg journey.. was it the Suarasa or Hani-Izhar's wedding that created the massive traffic, we wonder ;) It's amazing to realise that i actually waited for more than 6 years to meet both girls (and Dyian actually, as we bump into her at Alamanda) again. We hugged each other, congratulated on the good news and shared lotsa stories on our way to the reception. We thought we got lost on the highway (Along, i would've called you if i have ur number to ask the direction...hehehe) but he assured me that we're not through the phone. As agreed, the map was meant for Serembanites o.n.l.y;)

Hani-Izhar looks gorgeous alongside Adzreil but pardon me for not bringing my camera along...we had a heartful lunch by the beach (oh yes, u read me right!) and a familiar face hi-ed us in was Cikgu Zarina, our dearest teacher back in IB..

Day 3

I made a plan with Cik Tun to visit Norma and her new little munchkin...the Zara Jr. was gorgeous!! also met up with Effie there, as pretty as she always been.

By noon, i'm home again to spend time with my dearest nephews before i left for hometown...

Will be back in August!!


Kay said...

Agak melampau ye, dh pegi Ikea tp tak singgah our Kedai Che Madan.
Tersangat lah dktnye dgn Ikea!

Hani Izhar said...

Yatt dearest,

Thank you for coming to my wedding! It was really great to see the 3 of u!! Sorry we couldn't sit down to catch up....

Much love!!

yatt said...

Kay: tak tau pun kedai abg madan kat mane...tak pernah bgtau..

nx time la ye..

Hani: it's my pleasure...u looked glowy, as always..

hope to catch up with u sooner!


Kay said...

I tot ur mom tau...
Maybe u heard from ur mom..
takpe laa.. nxt time..
take care
*pls don't get marry in December pls... *