Monday, June 24, 2013

Bakul oh bakul...

14/4: Woke up with fatique and dreading the evening shift..Irregular contraction while attending majlis kesyukuran of Husb's colleague. I still have another 3 days to go before my maternity leave but could this be THE sign? So went up to PAC and it was 1cm with Brackston Hicks contraction, but our O&G colleague advised us for to go back by tomorrow if we're planning to deliver in KB. So it was 2 days MC and after discussion (considering Husb was post-call), we decided to wait until tomorrow morning and finished up packing our stuff. Ma and adik arrived later that night as they had to de-tour from KL to Ipoh (no Penang trip for them, heheh!)

15/4: There's not enough space in the car boot for this bakul so we had to leave it behind...after all, it's just a bakul..isnt it? Contraction was still irregular and mild.

Arrived home around 3pm. Freshened up and took a nap. After Asar, decided to go to hosp for check-up. I was psyched that i am in labour so went for my so-called last treat of nasi kerabu and ayam percik (even had quick window shopping at Wakaf Che Yeh)..

Again, it was just 2cm with mild contraction so was admitted while waiting for labour. Tossing and turning in the ward, damn bored. No more contraction. d'uh!

16/4: Nothing happened. So requested for discharge and went to MIL's later that evening.

17/4: Nothing happened yet..just lazing around at home and MIL's..feasted on watermelon and kuih-muih

18/4: Decided to go to KB Mall together with adik as they said walking would fasten the labour but boy, I was literally dragging my feet and feeling out of breath after just a few mins inside the mall. So we ended up in Secret Recipe and Burger King..

19/4: ohh, last day before Husb went back for work.."pls pls baby, come out today". In desperate measure, I went for traditional massage with 'bidan kampung'. Dont worry, nothing vigorous over my tummy.

20/4: oh dear, baby was still comfortable inside and Husb left for oncall later that evening..huhuhu, we concluded that the baby wanted to wait for the bakul before coming out to see the much for grand arrival, ey?

21/4: Husb called and informed that instead of tomorrow, he had to stay for another oncall and will only be back on Wednesday which was 2 days post-date..

22/4: I talked the baby off to wait for his dad instead..Thank God he listened this time..

23/4: Due date..Lazed around at home for another round of watermelon feast..

24/4: Went for check up at TMC clinic..CTG was reactive but AFI showed oligohydraminos (reduced liquor) so I had to be induced tomorrow. Called husband to inform and he was on the way back.

25/5: Husb arrived at MIL around 12am together with the bakul and I woke up at 1.20am with show and strong contraction.
So, this is it..

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tenku butang said...

so cuteee.. cumeynya bakul baby.. i likeee