Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Shop Till Drop...

'Ahhhh, the sweet smell of heaven...'

I literally stopped at the entrance of the mall and take a deep breath, smiling from ear to ear..!

I'd voted this experience as the best ever for the preparation, even when i had to be alone for more than 6 hours on the first day when Fiance was running (super duper!!) late from somewhere else...i had every right to sulk for that but choose not to..ahh, proud of myself;) In fact, i enjoyed myself browsing through from one shop to another and waited till he arrived to buy my (instant!) dream bag...

We had it better on 2nd day... managed to find everything on the list and much to his delight, i settled for this particular shoes after much contemplation and surveying (typical!)...it's sooooo soooooo nice to go shopping when u dont have to worry about price tag and all because you know it's your once-in-a-lifetime-wedding (insya Allah!) so u can splurge without feeling guilty;)

In between the spree, we set a lunch date with my besties and they got along pretty quick...i'm happy!

We headed home 2 hours before the shop closed...Deep inside, i'm envious of those who're getting married next cos they'll have this marvellous experience to enjoy while i'm already done with it...
The best thing in the wedding to-do-list!

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