Monday, November 8, 2010


I love house accesories that comes in white colour..

During my stay in Melbourne, i bought the set for 4 of this Corelle design so add-ons would be nice...

Perfect little retreat with comfy beddings

Tupperware collection to get me going with cooking;)

His and hers items are such cutesy

Fruit juice maker-another way of healthy lifestyle

Digital Al-Quran- soothing sound for the ears


aida cy said...

"Tupperware collection to get me going with cooking;)"

wahahahahhahaha* gelak tergolek2 atas lantai sampai berair mata*

uh..*wipe tears*

~Am said...

since aku maybe takleh datang for your wedding...apa kata ko kasik aku alamat ko...and I'll post u one of the above? :P

yatt said...

Adik: huhh!! i consider packing up cooked meal is part of cooking too...*rolled both eyes*

Ambol: actually, have sent u wedding card earlier..hope betullah address yg aku guna tuh

aneesa said...


im so glad ur enjoying ur wedding preps..
im sooo glad ur enjoying life now, i hope all the best for u, after all u've been thru, strong willed..u deserve the best!

havent dropped here in a while and i read ur 'drama queen' entry, hope u learnt from that (!)

married life is all about communicating and giving in. it makes the heart more peaceful, tak puas hati je ckp, at least he knows. sometimes die tak tau.

im not sure if i can come for ur wedding, sebab i would have just started a new rotation (medical-siap dh tanye2 bile nk start nk masuk dlm jadual on call), so im not sure la dear...if dpt that weekend off (and my hubby dpt off, ill try to come k)

wishing u happy years to come, hopefully will c u soon