Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ticker.. which i dont have one. when it should be one of the most awaiting moment in my life, i dont even bother to put a countdown or anything..

So, am i not excited or what??

Not really...i just wanna keep this on low key note as much as possible. Yes, it is something worth thousands of word and pictures but i simply do the countdown in my mind..

Patutla sampai hari 1st day cuti, solat tersalah kiblat sampai 2 kali di rumah sendri....2nd time tuh baru adik perasan then tegur..arghh, memalukan sungguh...but i blamed the praying mat for that,teheee!

Must've been all jumbled up inside my head...even after putting a long list of what to do for each day till thursday..

Alhamdulillah, so far the preparation is going well. Now it's down to finalising the dais, dress(es), doorgifts and room. I've also emailed the photographer the details of all events and how i want the moments to be captured...hopefully it'll all turn out good.

Lotsa family and friend will be there this weekend, looking forward!

Ya Allah, pls ease the way and let it run smoothly..


Anonymous said...

insyaallah. aku doakan yang terbaik for you. amin

yatt said...

bon, thanks a lot!!