Thursday, December 2, 2010


Masya Allah, time flew faster! i've spent half of my holiday already....

No, that's not what i wanna say actually..

Today is the day.

I havent got any jittery-fluttery feeling yet but i'm praying that the event will run smoothly and be blessed by Allah..

and i've got one huge family gathering and mini reunion of beloved friends to look forward!!

Thanks for all the warm wishes and prayers, angels!


seri_cherry said...

advance CONGRATZ yatt!
harap semua run smoothly, insyaAllah. I wish u all the happiness in the world..
p/s: sile upload gambar bnyk bnyk bnyk bnyk ;)

Anonymous said...

alhamdulillah, aku doa yang terbaik for u. insyaallah everything is going to be fine and runs smoothly.

H.a.y.a.t.i said...

Congrats Yatt :) Sory , I can't be there... Aku doakan your marriage life is fun and rewarding.:)