Monday, January 3, 2011


The wedding as what i would like it to be...simple but merry with happy faces
and good laugh from loved ones... the solemnisation was held at home as i
requested (thanks abah) and went smoothly...i should thank my sweet girlfriends
for being there to witness the moments (and made silly jokes that takes the
jittery away)...honestly, i didnt feel like i was getting married but rather
playing dress up with the emotional tears or anything like that, i
said my silent prayers...but it took me more than 2 minutes to actually hold my
husband's hand for 'membatalkan air sembahyang' that time, reality hasnt
sink it that i am finally bonded to this man and it's ok to touch him..drama

It was a beautiful reception not because of the make up or home decoration...but
rather seeing friends and family, all celebrating and enjoying themselves (or
so, i hope!) together with hujan rahmat...we created guestbook to cherish those
who came and will keep all the best wishes safe..i do hope that everyone who
made the effort to come all the way enjoyed themselves in every
way..alhamdulillah, everything went well eventhough it's raining and i was
afraid that we couldnt serve the guest on time because we prepared the dishes in
traditional those we helped out, may Allah bless and reward everyone

Pictures updated in Facebook!

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awesome blossom said...

congrats yatt! aku suka kaler baju. brown does work.