Monday, January 3, 2011

One month's

Save the best for the last...that's how i would describe our marriage..ahh,

What i'm saying is actually, save your love after the marriage...yes, he put up
strict rules during our 1 year of courting that irritated me at
dating, no phone calls, no romantic lines..i almost thought that he wasnt
serious...until he told me that he's coming to ask for my hand with his
family...and that was after one meeting with him about 5 months back

We were introduced by a mutual family friend and honestly, it didnt cross my
mind at all that thing's gonna work up..aint saying that it's an arranged
marriage though cos after the brief hello, we were left to decide on our
own..nobody tried to interfere or anything like that..

We let Allah decided for us...i prayed and asked for guidance from Allah..and
slowly HE showed me the does him..

Even as i was annoyed with his insensitivity and lacking contact, i put my trust
in HIM..deep inside, i know he is the answer to my prayers, an imam and someone
who loves me more than i do who showed it in a very subtle way.. it's not like
we never argued about that but after a while (with long explanation from him), i
realised that he's simply following syariat for future 'baiti jannati' (ok, i
lied....i still grumbled once in a while,lol!)

Fast forward to now, i'd say we're happily and blissfully married.. all the
sacrifices and patience finally paid's so much like save the best for
the last, isnt it?

(Dont worry, there'll be no P.D.A from us)


Chech said...

Congratulations, Yatt!

aida cy said...

God always have the best for us lah..