Saturday, November 20, 2010


Thanks to Farina for the special entry on how to get rid of acne scars...honestly, it has never been a major problem on my skin till the last fasting month (remember my drama queen episode?!) yeahh, i suffered from major break-outs and the scar was hideous..

I've been using oxy10 (finished one tub with superb result to clear away active acne) and currently on tea-tree cream. Also started to routinely apply aloe-vera and clarifying mask, next in line would be honey and lime...i realised that i have sensitive skin so i have to go easy with chemical and try more natural remedy..

Thanks to Aneesa for the word of wisdom...honestly, i havent been feeling jiggly or anything like that about getting married because i'm swamped out by oncall every two days...i hope i'll be able to cope with long distance marriage for the time being and everything will run smoothly, amin...

Thanks to my favourite aunt for checking out on me...i havent been myself for the past few days, no thanks to heavy workload and women's monthly visit...doubts and insecurity creeps in, it's not easy to handle when mind hasnt been thinking right...but i'm all good now...

Thanks to my other favourite cousin for calling me up on his birthday just to let me know that he's getting one of my wishlist..

Thanks to my mum who has been doing multitasking in preparation for the wedding...she decided to take care more than what she needed to, God bless her!

Thanks to my angels who decided to book tickets to be here on 4/12/2010...looking forward to meeting them all!

Thank You Allah for sending me love through these people..

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