Friday, April 17, 2009

I'll be gone...

This shall be my last entry before i'm off for umrah this 21st April til 5th May. The most awaited 2 week's of break after all that happened.

I'll remember each and everyone of you there and pray for all the best things in your life, be it marriage; health; career and little-junior-in-the-making.

Hopefully i will be back refreshed, more in touch with my true-self and find solace i've been searching for.

Deep inside, i also believe that my last wishlist for May will also come true..

I seek forgiveness for all my wrongdoings and please pray for my safe journey..

-Love and Hugs-


Anonymous said...

as you're leaving, this one for u bon, bece betol betol

Together you and I
we can reach stars in the sky
we can touch rainbows if we try
Together you and I
can make the moon smile
and make heaven seem like a mile
Together you and I
can make the rain fall
Because together you and i, we are special
and together we have it all

i'll be waiting till u come back from umrah beb, take care and.. yoy're forgiven my child

nadia said...

May Allah accept your Umrah and duas, Ameen. Please write about the experience when you return :)

My family and I are also leaving for Umrah this Thursday, April 23, InshaAllah.

Anonymous said...

have a good umrah trip kak yati!

yatt said...

oome: aaaahh, thats very sweet of u bonn..
dont miss me while i'm gone;)

nadia: thanks nadia..hope to meet u there=)

nisa: thankss nisa...hugs!

Anonymous said...

wa... yat.. cepatla balik.....