Friday, April 3, 2009

Bounce back!

Aku rasa terhina tapi takpe,

Allah ade and doa itu senjata..

One day is enough for me to swallow the words and shoved everything behind.

I'm bouncing back recounting my blessing and looking forward for many many more happiness

* Tomorrow will be a new day in paediatric. I'm glad that the 6 of us will be in the same department which means merrier lunch hour, more outings and bowling trips plus late night supper. I'm glad that there will be new things to learn and a more laid back environment awaiting.

*My umrah trip will be from 21st April till 5th May with a day break before i start my job again. Alhamdulillah, this was my last year's wish and Allah has made it easy for me to apply for the leave and insya Allah it'll be a new start for me. It's time to cleanse myself and bring myself closer to The Creator and insya Allah will become my annual trip from then on.

*I'm determined to achieve my goal within 3 months after i set my foot into the new business and earn myself a free oversea trip at the end of this year. Alhamdulillah, my HERBALIFE is giving me good money but i just can't resist good opportunity..

That's enough for a start..

But first thing first, i need a new layout..


Kay said...


Happy for you..
Nak pergi Umrah ye?
Nak kirim something blh?

anis-chan said...

wah p umrah eh... nak kirim doa buleh? doakan aku dimurahkan rezeki dapat baby ye.. hehehehe

along said...

Baru dihina baru-baru ini.
Dimalukan juga.
Dihina dan dimalukan.


But you are right, Allah ada and doa itu senjata :)

Selamat pergi umrah nanti.

And yeah, I need a new header too lah.


yatt said...

kay: thanks cuz...boleh2 nak kirim ape?

anis: insya Allah, my prayers will always be for u..

along: hugs!! that's ok dear...what goes around comes around...we shall wait about that...jom cari header yg best!