Monday, November 9, 2009


I LOVE MY LITTLE DRESS (though it's not gonna be in facebook's collection..LOL)




I LOVE THE SENTIMENTAL BACKGROUND MUSIC( I hear you people calling out my name when it was Kuch Kuch Hota Hai..thank u very much:p)


I'm not gonna do any justice to the event even with thousands of words written here. It was a perfect night although i wish we could've stretched it out till the next morning.. I knew from past experience that with reunion, we will never be able to talk to everyone within that limited time (ok, blame the rojak that kept me glued to the table..) but i am happy that i still managed to sit down with a few people and had little chat. Yes Ecah, i was excited to meet up with you again after alllll theeeeessssseeeeee yyyyeaaarrrssss!
And to some of us, we left Room 920 with some hilarious inside jokes...
So i shall leave you girls with Thank You Notes from our Headgirl...
To all who attended the dinner – you guys rock! Hope you had fun, hope you guys enjoyed the food and door gifts. Thank you for all the laughter, smiles and love. I wished we had all night to talk and laugh. Thank you for being so fabulous and glamorous and glittery. Special shout out to Kak Anie for her awesome bling-bling belt (RM 1.30 per stone), and to Syu and Yatt Ye for… well, you guys know why! Hahaha…To Nazihah, who dropped by at the start of dinner to say ‘hi’ on her way to another commitment just because she knew most of us were going to be there – we are touched :)
To those who can’t come – we dearly miss you. Appreciate the thoughts and support you sent through. Really wish you girls were here. Your pictures on the slideshow (which I mostly copied from your FB, hope that’s okay, heh) was really a hit, especially the wedding and babies’ pictures – everyone went ahhh and ohhh and wow (Ude, semua kagum dengan gambar ko berpakaian askar). Pictures will be sent on a CD to those who attended, and those who are interested to get the door gifts, we will advertise on that soon.
To award winners, Syu the ‘We Can’t Believe It’s You!’ winner; Ya the ‘Most Eligible Babe’; Ana Ono the ‘Hot Mama’ and Kak Anie, the ‘Diva of the Night’, hope you guys enjoy the awards! Syu and Kak Anie, may you guys enjoyed the dinner bags. Ana, happy shopping with the voucher and Ya, hope you have fun at the movie with someone special (there’s a reson why there are two movie tickets there, hahaha). The award ribbons were hand-made with love tau……..
To the lucky draw winners – Erynn, Yatt Ye, Melati, Farina (and almost winner, Ya) and Elly – enjoy your gifts as well.
To all sponsors, who shall remain nameless, of the cookies, the chocolates, the Crabtree & Evelyn set, the thumb drives, the iPod shuffle, and the money – thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you. All, please pray for the health and wealth of our donors: may they find more happiness for the happiness they provided for us, and may they find more ‘rezeki’ for the rezeki that they provided to us that night.To everyone who helped preparing for the night, thank you a bunch for all the help. Much appreciated.
To the superwomen:Ya, Liyana, Peon, Farina, Hana, Tote, Syu, Wan Sue and anyone who helped big and small ~for the fabulous job you guys did, I can’t thank you enough. May God bless you for all the work, time spent, money invested, energy given – the night won’t be a reality without your commitment. It was a pleasure working (more like having fun with you guys though!) with all of you. You girls simply rock!!!Let’s keep in touch, see each other more and here’s to another great reunion five and ten years down the road! (Any takers to organize the 15th and 20th anniversaries reunion? Application starts now!!!!
p/s...nak tunggu kahwen dulu baru pakai balik dress tuh....kahkahkah!


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I want to see ur pic.. huhuhuh :(

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i knowww it wass sooo happppy to seee uuuU!!!!

acey said...

hhahahah 'i' tu la excited sgt.

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kakcik: hehehe, bahaya laaa itu pictures...

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