Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I misplaced my HTC charger so i need to get a replacement as i'm planning to use it for my mobile pda..i have so many things in mind to remember

I'm still contemplating whether i shuld get Celcom prepaid because i dont feel like having 2 phone lines but at the same time, Maxis coverage in emergency department is almost non-existent. Now that i dont have to worry about staff nurse's annoying calls in the middle of the night, i kinda missed my listening to my ringtones ;p (but i must bear in mind, i am most likely unable to pick up the calls anyway)...but considering any emergency,i think i might as well get one..

I realised the reason of my rare updates is because i'm only connected to internet when i'm at my parents' home. By then, i will spend hours on blog-hopping and reading Facebook's update. The rest will be either in front of the television or spending time with my mother or reading storybook. I need to update more to keep my brain going ( and of course, to let things out a bit). I need more time to go online for my business purpose and leisure reading. Also it will come handy when i'm travelling.

I think that justifies my decision to get myself Celcom broadband soon.

I have so many things to jot down but that have to wait..hopefully i'll get weekend off again')

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