Saturday, December 5, 2009

My 10 list

I have good reasons for this wishlist

It's my birthday coming up soon

It's christmas season

and it's year-end-sale!!

I'm drooliiinngggg just at the thought of it....please, someone bring me to the restaurant...somewhere near sunway pyramid kan??

After receiving my first wishlist of Tanita Body Composition Analysis, i'm determined to upgrade my metabolic rate and cut down the body fat so this is the fun way to do i'm in dire need for high ENDORPHINS rush. feel young, look young!

It was a few months' ago since my last spa session so i'm due for one...some 'me' time and i'm happy to get going again.. everybody loves being pampered

I know this is really last year's season but i care less. I have no time to try this everytime i'm in KL and i would looovveeee to dip my feet in it next time i have the chance..Promise, i wont turn ppl deaf while i'm doing it!

It took me almost a year to finish up body scrub i bought in bandung. I love the feeling after, so smooth so refreshing..I've tried orange flavour so i'd go for something sweet this time

Yes, i still have my seasoned digital camera in good condition but it's a bit bulky for travelling (and looked oudated,hahaha!) but more importantly, i lost the adaptor and charger...instead of finding replacement, might as well buy a new one kan? i can still use the old one for any outdoor activities (and borrow my brother's adaptor to transfer the pictures into laptop) but this one will re-invite the excitement of capturing the moments..

I bought my first statement tees when i was in KL last time and have yet to wear it..i know Padini and Giordano have some cheeky ones to my liking..its like an instant booster for me to look at these words..

2 years-record proved that i will be out of town every month so this one will come handy..i usually travel light because i've left my stuff in KL for daily use but what if i'm coming back after shopping spree? Also what if i'm going elsewhere? hehe...

Fossil's been my fave and i'm now looking out for square-shaped watch...never quite managed to find the RIGHT one so far..

I gor for practicality at work...plain or abstract would be my preferred choice...

Yeay, now i can sleep in peace

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Anonymous said...

looks like ayam penyet on your #1 in the list! yummy!