Wednesday, December 30, 2009


While some dreams come true, the rest choose to wait for a while

It's been a good year, alhamdulillah..

Written almost a year ago

It's time to list down about 2009...

1. I'm planning to join my family for umrah this coming March. Hopefully by then i'll be in either paeds or ortho so that 14 days break (including weekend) wouldn't be an issue.

2009: Alhamdulillah, Allah granted my wish and welcomed me to HIS place. I had my best 2 weeks there. solitude and serene. I remembered one day after performing tawaf, i prayed behind Maqam Ibrahim. Instead of the usual doa asking for things, i started to say my thank..tears overflowed when i realised how much Allah has blessed me through my life...i thanked Him for the loving family with unconditional love, i thanked HIM for the job that allows me to stay humble and made a difference in people's lives, i thanked HIM for friends that stick around and guide me, i thanked HIM for the faith that keeps me going stronger after each trial, i thanked HIM for the love and blessing that HE showed in every other was endless.

That morning i felt complete. That morning i could not ask for more. That morning i was ashamed for being ungrateful at times for He has given more than i deserved.

Aim: insya Allah will be going back again this May

2. I'm buying a new laptop. The old one's still in good shape but i think i wanna have a smaller one for travelling (EXCUSE! EXCUSE! EXCUSE!) I think i can reward myself with that once i'm done with O&G...lalalala

2009: i got it right with my White AcerOne. i love its 6 hours battery durability and the size that fits well into my bag for travelling.

Aim: i think a flat screen desktop would be nice, but that one has to wait till i got a house for myself.

3. It's time to settle down with a marriage=)

2009: I am still single to date but if i look back, Allah granted my other wish. I met my dream guy and no, it's not the typical tall-dark-handsome with smooth talk. What made him special was the little things. It was the way he respected me and other people around him. the way he appreciate life and his loved ones. the way i can be a little girl whenever he's around. the way our impromptu meet-up had always been beautiful. the way he took care of my bad habit. the way he understood me without telling.the way we shared so many common interest.

So why i am still not settled? only Allah knows. even so, i am eternally grateful for the good 4 months i had with my favourite man. Allah has showed me His love through him.

Aim: Ya Allah, kurniakanku seorang jodoh yang terbaik buat diriku, yang dapat membimbingku ke jalanMu, yang dapat mengasihiku keranaMu.

Seandainya dia tercipta buat diriku, bukakanlah pintu hati kami berdua, tautkanlah ikatan hati hati, permudahkanlah urusan kami dah peliharalah kami dari maksiat. Seandainya dia bukan untukku, tutupkanlah pintu hatiku kepadanya, luputkanlah dia dari ingatanku dan jauhi aku dari kesedihan dan kekecewaan.

4. I'm going travelling with my girlfriends (whichever clique it might be). It's so much better to shop and pamper myself with my hardly-earned money...

2009: I didnt get to travel with my besties per say but had wonderful memories nonetheless. We went to watch legendary PGL theatre, we stayed overnight and the beautiful Villa Danilla and we enjoyed a few shopping trip. And yes, the glittery glamorous nite of SSP9599 was one memorable event.

Aim: trip to Europe, karaoke session, shows at Istana Budaya, overnight stay at fancy hotel and more shopping trips..

5. I'm going to finish up reading all the books i bought earlier last year and polish up my average English.

2009: I got to catch up with my reading. Currently reading La Tahzan and Devils Wear Prada. In between those two, i finished up Remember me. My favourite pick will be The Last Lecture and Life Is An Open Secret.

Aim: read the shophaholic series and stock up more books from MPH online.

6. Addition to my collection of clothes, bags, watches, perfumes and shoes....

2009: Ahaaa, this one goes without saying..perfectly achieved

Aim: ey, should i say more? ;P

7. Make more money and share it with others...

2009: All thanks to Herbalife. Many started to understand about the good nutrition and choose to change their life using it.

Aim: montly trip to KL to monitor the wellness of my client. Now that i've got the scale that can highlight our body fat/water percentage/metabolic age(!!!)/bone mass, it'll be easier to plan for better habit.


I wish for myself, better patience and more gratitude.

I wish for myself, endless happiness and blessing.

I wish for myself, guidance from the Up Above

Happy 17th birthday;)

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Anonymous said...

alhamdulillah. sounds like 2009 was a great year for you. with the umrah, laptop and special friend. pray for the better this year! settle down. InsyaAllah! :)