Monday, January 5, 2009

Wishful Seven

First of all, selamat pengantin baru to both of my favourite girls. Peon and Honey, u looks soo lovely on ur wedding day..tumpang gembira=)

It's time to list down about 2009...

1. I'm planning to join my family for umrah this coming March. Hopefully by then i'll be in either paeds or ortho so that 14 days break (including weekend) wouldn't be an issue.

2. I'm buying a new laptop. The old one's still in good shape but i think i wanna have a smaller one for travelling (EXCUSE! EXCUSE! EXCUSE!) I think i can reward myself with that once i'm done with O&G...lalalala

3. It's time to settle down with a marriage=)

4. I'm going travelling with my girlfriends (whichever clique it might be). It's so much better to shop and pamper myself with my hardly-earned money...

5. I'm going to finish up reading all the books i bought earlier last year and polish up my average English.

6. Addition to my collection of clothes, bags, watches, perfumes and shoes....

7. Make more money and share it with others...

You’re the kind of person

Who’s hard to forget,

A one-in-a-million

To the people you’ve met.

Your friends are as varied

As the places you go,

And they all want to tell you

In case you don’t know:

That you make a big difference

In the lives that you touch,

By taking so little

And giving so much!

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